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I frequently travel to Cebu City not because I used to work in a BPO Office in Cebu and I like the convenience this city offers but because the reality office I am working with is in Cebu City. Hehe, Cebu is my first love. It’s the very first City I have been to, outside Mindanao, it’s the city where I got my first job, it’s the city where I got my first boyfriend and the place where I got my first heartbreak. Like literally everything first, using Facebook Milestone.

It’s after I left Cebu that I begin to explore every part of it. My 6 years stay in Cebu trapped me to malls, office and my bed, I mean what can you expect? I love to sleep lols. And my biggest exercise is to walk around the malls' window shopping.

So in my recent trips to Cebu, I have been exploring the backpacker friendly accommodations in the city, and Patria de Cebu is one of the good finds I found.

 How I met Patria de Cebu:

When one of my reservations gone wrong in my usual Cebu accommodation the lady guard in the dormitory informed me to check out room vacancies at Patria de Cebu. Patria de Cebu sounds new to me so after a breakfast meal at Jollibee I had to do my mobile search, and I landed on a travel bloggers blog talking about Patria de Cebu.

Walking from Sto Nino Basilica to the Cathedral, I found an old building called Patria de Cebu, just right across the Cathedral. It’s an old building where a former convent was converted into a budget-friendly accommodation for travelers like me.

A setting of expectations:

This building/lodge is managed by nuns. The dormitory is an old building with wooden floors and a bit of creepy long hallway, small wooden beds, a long stretch of non-aircon rooms and common comfort rooms.
The walls are thin, so you can hear people walking in the hallway and people chatting or joking around. Thus they request people to walk slowly and quietly in the hallway and be mindful of other people occupying the place.
The rooms

They have rooms suitable for 1 person and rooms right for 2.  They also have new aircon rooms good for 2 people only. They don’t provide an extra bed for additional people.

Check the rates below;

  • ·         Fan room  for 1 person (common cr) – Php 200.00
  • ·         Fan room  for 1 person (with own cr) -   Php 250.00
  • ·   Fan room  for 2 persons (twin sharing cr)* - Php 300.00
  • o   Extra person – Php 50.00 no extra bed
  • o   * 2 rooms sharing the same CR

·         Air-conditioned rooms  for 2 persons (with own cr) – Php 650.00
o   Extra person – Php 100.00 no extra bed

I got the fan room good for 2 with shared comfort room. The CR is found inside your room, but it has 2 doors. You just need to make sure that you keep the doors locked when in use or not so that the other occupants can’t get into your room when you’re not around. And make sure that you unlock the other door after using the CR so that the residents from the other room can use it after you.

You need to bring your own soap and shampoo and towels because they’re not providing it for you. There’s no room service or something, no ref and no hot and cold shower.
The Cafeteria

They also have a cafeteria that offers very affordable meals. It caters the offices occupying the area. I love having my breakfast there warm soup and freshly cooked meals that feel like home. 
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