Travelling with Emotional Baggage

The travel that made me a travel blogger.

Since day 2 of my existence I have been travelling. 2 days after mom gave birth to me, we travelled back to MSU Marawi City and Marawi was my first destination. I was born in Iligan City. My parents are both MSUans (Alumni of MSU) and whether I’m an MSU baby, that I don’t know hehehe. My dad is from Oroquieta City Mis Occ and my Mom is from Medina (where Duka Bay is) Misamis Oriental, they met in MSU Marawi City while studying college and lived in Iligan City for a bigger family.

Taal Lake, during my Tagaytay trip 2008
But of course, my journey as a travel blogger did not start that day. I was 2 days old, right? Hehehe. I have been blogging since 2004, and just like everyone else I started blogging about me, my crushes, my teenage family problems and puppy love. I started to blog about my travels 2008, when I went on a vacation leave from work to go to Tagaytay and be with my family, the blog became my outlet of my frustrations when I was working away from home. My lazy hours and long wait time (yup call center) lead me to talking about myself and venting out whatever I felt that day in a post. Edwin of Lakbay Diva, Doi of TheTravellingFeet, Eds of Soloflighted,  Michy of MemoiresOfAlice, Audrey of Audreyisms were my officemates back then.

I started to seriously blog about my travels when Gael of The Pinay SoloBackpacker Pm’d me in Facebook and asked me if my is a travel blog. I told her, that it’s not. Although I have been blogging about my travels there but I don’t consider it a travel blog.

Because of that I created a travel blog. But what really made me a travel blogger was when I started travelling trying to find peace, trying to find a happy place, trying to understand people, culture, religion and life in general. 2010, I could have find myself somewhere else, lost, down, frustrated, depressed and lifeless. After a world wrecking heartbreak (hahaha exagge?) my world seemed to be gone for a while after having lost almost everything. I could have travelled far but I chose to be with my family. I was so afraid of the evil thoughts I have in mind, that I find comfort at home in prayer. I travel in my thoughts; I died in my dreams a million times and killed myself in different ways. Tears are draining, the weight loss was oh so natural (I learned to not eat at all for almost 3 days) and from there I stopped dreaming about the future, closed my doors to some friends and deleted every memory I wish to delete (if only I could). My blog posts were all gloomy and heavy hearted that every time I make posts, I ended up with puffed eyes and heavy colds.
Virgin Island Panglao Bohol with Family 2010

The love of my family and the hope that they have given me, made me a travel blogger. After years of missing family trips with them, my dad once called while he was in Manila and told me to organize our first family trip (first with me after 6 years of missing trips) to Bohol. I made research, a lot of research and I stumbled upon Calvin’s Hub, Journeying James, Langyaw travels, The Pinay Solo Back Packer’s blog. Reading their blogs seemed to have waked me up from deep sleep and opened my eyes that there’s life worth celebrating for. Travelling other than sleeping is a happy pill for me. Since then I indulged myself to more travels, more activities and more fun. But above all, in every destination I stop, be silent and meditate for a while and thank God for bringing me to that destination and experience the people, the culture, and the beauty of His creations. Indeed, there’s more to life worth celebrating for.

Travelling helped me and is continuously helping me unload the emotional baggage that I have been bringing with me for years. Leaving them to places where they should be. Blogging allowed me to share my thoughts and emotions. It's my healthy ritual that keeps me sane.

'til the next travel... Purple Slipperz©

You just have to get rid of so much baggage to be light enough to dance, to sing, to play. You don't have time to carry grudges; you don't have time to cling to the need to be right. - Anne Lamott



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