Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 | Day 6 Marawi City

Since they’re still in their adventure spirit, 11 out of the 12 bloggers and 2 IBS bloggers went to Marawi City to visit and experience the Islamic City of Marawi and MSU.

Marawi City is just an hour ride from Iligan City. I personally love Marawi. I have been raised there and have studied at MSU-Marawi Campus too. My parents studied and met in MSU Marawi. And Marawi City is my first home. And yes, it has a special place in my heart.

My mom still teaches in MSU-Main and goes up to MSU-Marawi almost every day for a class.There’s a lot Marawi City can offer. I was not able to go with them due to personal commitments with the family. But was happy that the bloggers had great time while in Iligan and Marawi.

I may have to write about Marawi City more often. I just need to take recent pictures soon.


  1. I'm from Marawi. Good to know that someone still have the heart to write good things about the place knowing the fact that most are terrorized. ;)))


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