Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 | Day 3 Part 2 The Busy-est day of all

Part 2

The Dinner on our third day was at El Canto Grill. The bloggers enjoyed El Canto Grill's Chicken Barbecue and Sizzling Gambas. We keep asking for more. We do had a great time. While waiting for a food to be served, the bloggers had a great time chatting, they're starting to feel the effects of tireless waterfalling. But we still have 2 falls the next day. Their adventurous spirits were fighting the tired feet and eager enough to continue the trip.

After the dinner, we went to the coronation night of Miss Iligan 2012. We just took few pictures and head back to the hotel. Well, night owls can't seem to call it a night without a cup of coffee so we drop by DD's for a coffee before we call it a day.


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