Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 | Day 3: Going North

We started our trip early today. We watched the Kasadya street dancing, visited Iligan Capitol College for a jumpshot, visited the Suka Pinakurat Factory in Pugaan,picked up our lunch at Macki's,  a moderate trek at Dodiongan Falls, a lovely dinner at El Canto, a glimpse of Miss Iligan Coronation Night and a night out at Iliganon.

Just when I thought that the itinerary for today is so relax, I was wrong. It's probably the most jampacked day of the whole 5 day event. We started the day early and ended it 12 midnight. 

We started the day with chasing breakfast hehe, watched and took a lot of photos for Kasadya street dancing. I was told that there were 8 contestants, but was surprised only seeing 4 contingents. Tribu Bunawan won the 1st prize. 

The tartanilya (Kalesa)  make over contest followed the parade. There are a number of Kalesa on the road. Painted with bright and festive colors. Others where transformed into carlike Ferrari. But here's this one Kalesa that caught my attention. It's classy and elegant. (Click the photo to view in large form)

Here's a classy Tartanilya, dressed in brown and bronze. Elegant isn't it?
After the parade we went to Iligan Capitol College to get our jumpshot with the giant Like Iligan tarpaulin. We ate our breakfast there and make ready for our factory visit at Suka Pinakurat in Pugaan, Iligan City.

Photo credits to Pat D Noel
Sir Pipo one of the del Rosario brothers greeted us and welcomed the guest to their factory. The people in their office were so friendly and accommodating, just like the owners. From their office the bloggers were able to see how the Suka Pinakurat is being prepared. They were able to ask questions and Sir Pipo politely answered each of them. They also offered us to try all of their products. We didn't say no of course, we took that challenge and wew... all I can say is "I'm so proud to be Iliganon!" kalami nalang jud. Thank you for the 2 boxes of pinakurat!

Bloggers taste test with all Green Gourmet Products
Right after Suka Pinakurat, we had to Macki's to pick up our sponsored lunch and then we head off to Dodiongan Falls. Dodiongan Falls is one of the falls that I categorized easy to access. For me the trek is an easy trek but an orthopedic doctor, blogger and a mountaineer rolled into one named "Bundok" said it's already a moderate trek. Buhis buhay nga naman kasi ang daanan.

To be honest the trail was a bit different the first time I was there. The trail was a bit changed due to Sendong. Few months back this area was devastated by the TS Sendong or Internationally known as TS Washi. But good thing the surroundings are all back to green. The scene was priceless. Water is cool, clean and relaxing.

After Dodiongan Falls, the team went to Centennial Park in Dalipuga to catch the sunset.

Check out Part 2 for Day 3 on my next post.


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