Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 | Day 2: Southbound Waterfalling

It's Day 2 of the event, but day 1 to meet the waterfalls. Today we have visited the Tourism Triangle. I have been here a few times. Majority of the visitors of Iligan City, visit this tourism triangle often. It's the most known waterfalls in Iligan; the Maria Cristina Falls, Tinago Falls and Mimbalut Falls. After months of hybernating after sendong, it's my first time this year to visit the place.

We were expected at the NPC Nature's Park around 9 in the morning. We were welcomed by Mr. Elvin Sansona, the head Zoologist of the park. We checked out the park first, had a quick warm up climb near the grotto then we went to the Ma. Crisitna viewing deck. We tried to request for the water to fall in full blast but unfortunately, as per NPC officials in Agus 6 said, they cannot accommodate that request at that time because all turbines are working. So we enjoyed only Maria hehehe still pretty though. Before we had lunch the bloggers were able to experience the tree top tour (zip line), and their comment was "it's so bitin, nakukulangan ako!", "but, it's fun! super!".

Unlike the previous rides I had, they were no longer allowed to bring their camera's with them. Because there happened to be one incident where the guest's camera fell and crashed into pieces in the road, and they don't want it to happen again. But despite that the excitement was still there. 

The lonely Maria and Sandre
After lunch we head to Tinago Falls, for a swim. We were suppose to river trek from Tinago Falls to Mimbalut Falls, however, the locals said that it would be difficult for us to go that way, because the trails were changed due to heavy rains, and there is a big possibility that the gadgets might get wet. Since we don't want to take that risk, we opted to use the same road up to exit from Tinago falls and then go to Mimbalut Falls.

Here's Michy while in Tinago Falls :)
Mimbalut Falls is probably the easiest to access. No need to trek, no life threatening stunts and no rock climb. But not that advertised or not that well known to the public.

I may have to grab some photo from Te Arlene, I used her cam to take some photos of the Mimbalut Falls. Will update this later. 

Followed by the sumptuous dinner and warm welcome of Tita Fannies Liempo and Chicken House that made my day. I was very surprised with the very warm welcome. That's 2 thumbs up Tita Fannies, you deserve a separate post! hehehe...

Til tomorrow! See you for the Kasadya Festival!


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  1. sayang lang, sana they stil allow to people to bring cameras basta naka strap ng maayos sa kamay


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