Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 | Day 1: Arrival in Iligan City

September 25, 2012. Blogger participants of the Waterfalling Adventure Tour arrived today for the event. The non-Iligan based blogger participants where housed at Rene's Diner and it will be their official residence for the next 5 days.

The Anahaw Amphitheater [biggest open amphitheater in Mindanao] 

The earliest to arrive was Christian of Lakad Pilipinas. He arrived a day before the event. He's that excited! lols. Then followed by Mich of Memoires of Alice, Ding of Travel Ta Bai, and Shugah of Wander Shugah.

Courtesy Call at the City Tourism Office

We pick them up from their inn and brought them to the Iligan City Hall for a courtesy call with the mayor. Unfortunately Mayor was too busy to accommodate us in his schedule. We also went to the Iligan City Tourism office for a courtesy call with the Head Tourism Officer of the City. There was a drizzle when we went there.

The rest of the bloggers followed at Jacko's Kan-anan for the welcome dinner. Sandre of Pagduaw is a Bukidnon based blogger, Nanardz of South Cotabato and Doc Remo of Hikers Itch was there too. The bloggers were welcomed by the members of the Iligan Bloggers Society Inc. The President of the Chamber of Commerce in Iligan City was there too to welcome the bloggers in the city.

Welcome dinner at Jacko's Kan-anan
It was a night of camaraderie and getting to know people. We also have set their expectations about the event and what to expect when we get to the place. Unilab was so generous to have equipped us with vitamins and hygiene kits for the event. We also got them some shirts, reflex kits and their Official ID's for the event.

Unilab Gift packs, Diyandi Shirts, IDs and reflex kits
We are ready to kick start the adventure!


Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 | Welcome party was made possible by 
Apple Bee Water Refilling Station, Jacko's Kan-anan, Iligan City Government Car Pool ,
Unilab Ph, PinayTravelista.com, TravelJams.com, Crown Paper & Stationary and Iligan Bloggers Society Inc.



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