[EVENTS] Pagana A Taste of Iligan : Food and Drink Festival

PAGANA is a maranao way of welcoming or entertaining visitors and guests to show their hospitality. They are accommodated in an elaborately decorated venue, served food and entertained with local songs and dances. Guests are expected to be elegantly dressed for the occasion with the host often times providing malongs or tutubs to guests who do not have one.

I went to the Pagana food and drink festival earlier with my sister Nique and the "iconic" travel bloggers Pinaytravelista and Travel Jams (:P) where I had a tummy full dinner. However, it's not a traditional maranao PAGANA, like the one I attended in Marawi City. It's a gathering of all hotel and  restaurant members where they can show case what they do best. Some brought their best dishes and some brought their must try drinks. And since it was a food festival, we opted to try all the food available in PAGANA, so can you imagine how much calories, I consumed today? (wow, kunyari concerned sa calories. ahehehehe)

And I'm probably still full to explain what transpired during the day, so here are few decent pictures I took during the event. 

Raffle Tickets were sold at the entrance gate for only Php 20.00 each. They are raffling out Gift Certificates 
Several bands played to keep the guests entertained. We had a great time with the jam. My not-so-little sister really had fun dancing with the bit of every song played.
 The food served were oh so mouth watering. We tried to cater all of them and ordered food from different food stalls. But there were some that I wasn't able to take pictures to, I was too busy and was too impatient to devour them. (wow devour! lols)

So here are few of the dishes I/we had..

Chef Rod's | Baby Back Ribs served for only Php 80.00 without rice. Yummy! Best served with freshly cooked rice.
Flamoo | Pagana served for only 95.00 a double patty burger served hot and spicy with shoestring fries on top. I brought one home for mom and dad and they really loved it!

Flamoo | Double Cheese Burger served for only Php 75.00. I wasn;t able to taste it though, Lai consumed everything. lols peace Lai hehehehe

Here's an entry from CHINO | Smoked Sausage served Silog style. I fell in love with it that I bought half kilo of Pork Tocino and half kilo Smoked Chorizo home. Oh diba, connect? lols.. Chino is a house of homemade delicacies from Cagayan de Oro City. The attendants were A+ in customer service :)

El Canto's | Chicken Barbecue meal for only Php 69.00. My not-so-little sister was not able to consume everything, that's how big each serving is. Super SULIT and very tasty. The sisig was so inviting too.
And of course how can I forget my all time favorite? Aruma Kissaten's | Cafe Mocha. Lai also had her Cafe Americano after the not so glautonic dinner. 
Those were just a few of what we had tonight. We also had Zoey's Cafe's potato twister and black  gulaman, which is not in the picture, hmmm I apologize for that. I might grab some photos from Travel Jams once it's up hehe.

A lot of members of the IHARRA was there. Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco park team was there too. 

So there! I really had fun today. So hopefully you guys can visit PAGANA A taste of Iligan Food and Drink Festival at BigFish Pala-o Iligan City (beside the strip). They are open starting 6PM until 12 midnight from September 14 until September 16, 2012.

It's a food haven!

PAGANA A Taste of Iligan is an event organized by IHARRA for Diyandi Festival 
A monthly long celebration of the Iligan City Fiesta 2012

Click here for updates about the Diyandi Events 
Discover and Experience Iligan
Like Iligan!
Viva SeƱor San Miguel!

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with IHARRA. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of MEMBERS OF IHARRA. 

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