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Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 | Day 2: Southbound Waterfalling

It's Day 2 of the event, but day 1 to meet the waterfalls. Today we have visited the Tourism Triangle. I have been here a few times. Majority of the visitors of Iligan City, visit this tourism triangle often. It's the most known waterfalls in Iligan; the Maria Cristina Falls, Tinago Falls and Mimbalut Falls. After months of hybernating after sendong, it's my first time this year to visit the place.

Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 | Day 1: Arrival in Iligan City

September 25, 2012. Blogger participants of the Waterfalling Adventure Tour arrived today for the event. The non-Iligan based blogger participants where housed at Rene's Diner and it will be their official residence for the next 5 days.

[EVENTS] Iligan City | Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0

Iligan City celebrates it's Fiesta with Señor San Miguel for the whole month of September. So when July ends, I know August and September will be a very busy month for me. I had to cut and  reschedule business related trips, schedule personal activities carefully and plan out how to make an activity a reality. 

[EVENTS] Pagana A Taste of Iligan : Food and Drink Festival

PAGANA is a maranao way of welcoming or entertaining visitors and guests to show their hospitality. They are accommodated in an elaborately decorated venue, served food and entertained with local songs and dances. Guests are expected to be elegantly dressed for the occasion with the host often times providing malongs or tutubs to guests who do not have one.
I went to the Pagana food and drink festival earlier with my sister Nique and the "iconic" travel bloggers Pinaytravelista and Travel Jams (:P) where I had a tummy full dinner. However, it's not a traditional maranao PAGANA, like the one I attended in Marawi City. It's a gathering of all hotel and  restaurant members where they can show case what they do best. Some brought their best dishes and some brought their must try drinks. And since it was a food festival, we opted to try all the food available in PAGANA, so can you imagine how much calories, I consumed today? (wow, kunyari concerned sa calories. ahehehehe)

[EVENTS] DIYANDI Festival 2012 Schedule

Iligan City celebrates Señor San Miguels Fiesta for a month. So here's the schedule of the month long celebration!

Enjoy and see you there!

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