Giant Boots and Giant Sandals which is commonly known as “bakya” welcomed us in Plaza Magsaysay. I couldn’t help but be playful again. Kids were running around and playing in the giant foot wears which is actually a slide. 

We were so excited to take pictures of the place and of the kids playing. Their eyes were full of innocence and their smiles were priceless. I couldn’t help telling myself, they’re so lucky to play so freely in this park. I wasn’t able to do this before. I was too weak to run around, and was too urbanized to experience this kind of park.

The plaza that I know of when I was younger was full of pick up girls and not suitable for kids to play around. The playground was not there, smells like ammonia and not child friendly. So when we started to explore the place, the kids were following us around, sometimes they lead us to a part of the plaza where we can take more pictures.

They have been a model for a while; they’re freely giving their smiles and giggles afterwards. Looking at the pictures, I wonder what they were thinking that moment. You think they have thought of what they would be like in the future? Will we meet again? Could they be the next top model? Who knows? I never thought I’d be a blogger, I never thought I’d be a photography enthusiast. But I was a child once. At their age, I wonder what was I thinking back then?


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