[Events] Undivided Indivisible CEBU

I am back in Cebu, but not for good. I'm here for a personal business which I thought would only be for a day, but I would end up having to stay here until the 25th. Just when I thought I can be lazy the whole time, I think God is giving me what I wanted, and that's a BUSY Schedule.

Last week I was in Marikina City to attend the 1st Catholic Social Media Summit. It was indeed a very productive week. Just when I thought I can just have the time of my life in Cebu, surprisingly invites and opportunities came in. It was just so in time that Johnn, a Blogger from Cebu called for bloggers for an event today. Without any second thought, I opted to join.

It was a formal event and strictly invitational. It's the State of the Province Address of the sexiest and the 1st lady Governor of the Cebu Province, Gwen Garcia. It's my very first time to attend and it's an honor to be invited for such an event. I went there with Michy and few other bloggers from Cebu. The stage was perfectly decorated with a miniature of the Cebu Provincial Building. The lights were classy and the 2 halls of the Cebu International Convention Center were full of well known national politicians, members of the local governments of the Cebu Provinces from the Mayors to the Baranggay Tanods, media men, friends, relatives and family members. 

I have been in Cebu for many times and have stayed here for almost six (6) years since 2005. This is the very first time I got interested listening to SOPA. I am not a registered voter of Cebu and I've never been. You probably might think that I'm an supporter but I'm not. I probably just might have experienced the progress of Cebu, not only Cebu City but the Cebu Province as a whole. The tourism and heritage campaigns of Cebu influenced me to push for the same in my home town Iligan City. I have not been a lover of Philippine history, but after witnessing the destruction of the what-we-have-learned in elementary was gone forever after a thoughtless construction or renovation of historical structures in the country, I have been a protector of heritage myself.

When the speech started, I was not that interested at start, but after hearing that the Cebu Province remained DEBT Free for the past 8 years, my attention was pinned to each and every detail of the SOPA. I was impressed, like seriously impressed. I uttered, "How did they did that?". 

Another fact that caught my attention was the SUGBO-AK. It aims to divide the Cebu Province into four provinces. Probably politically motivated, but Sugbuanons fight for their rights to be One, thus they campaign for Undivided Indivisible, ONE Cebu. Because Cebuano's believe that there can only be ONE Cebu.

"I will fight to the last destination of this continuing voyage, I will fight for the people of Cebu, I will fight for all of you Cebuanos"

For once it has been clear to me, I mean I have lived here and probably have seen superficial improvements and developments in Cebu, now I truly understand. I once thought that it was all just publicity, now I understand that it's for transparency. You deserve it Cebu, Sugbuanons definitely deserve this. 

My thoughts: If Cebu can do it? Why can't other Cities or Provinces do it as well? Set your political selfish thinking aside. Think about what you can do for the people. Not what the people or the money of the people can do for you. How can we change this world, if we keep on pointing our fingers to others, Do what you can do! Stop Global Whining for once!

"I can be accused for anything but I can never be accused for not being there" - Gov. Gwen Garcia
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