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At first I was really wondering what are we doing here. It's either my expectations were not set or I was not listening when we were informed during our trip to Dipolog City to cover the Hudyaka Zanorte. When Ralph Lorenzo Tan was introduced to us, in their office, I was like hmmm okay... and he started to talk about the company and how was our trip and so on. Neither did I know that his the owner of the company.. Wooooooooosh! And I was like what????

I was still in a bit of shock (chos lang!) when he said "It's almost lunch time, I'll tour you around the village". We followed. Entered a gated subdivision and in a few steps he said "this is our family house, let's go up lunch is waiting for us their". Staring at this mansion, I was stunned and speechless and said "okay fine, their family house".

When we entered the house, the receiving area would tell you that the people living here are of high class but they're very down to earth, friendly and accommodating. We were introduced to his beautiful mom and his equally handsome older brother. I love the fact that they invited their workers to eat with us. No sense of hierarchical status, and you can feel that their workers or employees were treated well. 

This Tinolang Bangus was sitting in the table, waiting for us to be consumed.

And this Lechon from Lechon Queen is a bit impatient with us, because were to busy taking pictures of him. lols

This Grilled Bangus was grilled to perfection. It's sooo juicy from the inside.
After that gluttonous attempt to consume the whole lechon for an hour or two, the Tan brothers offered to tour us to one of their properties on going development, the San Jose Valley; One of their middle class housing project (if my memory served me right). They showed us a birds eye view or somewhat like of Dipolog City.  The Tan brothers said that a 360 degrees view of Dipolog City is nicely viewed at the top of the mountain behind us, which is the Linabo Peak.

This is the road going up hill, San Jose Valley

And this is the view from the top of the peak of the San Jose Valley.
The beautiful Dipolog River silently cascading can be seen from up here. The full green color of the surroundings is so lovely. I wish it would stay that green for the rest of our lives. It would be too painful to look at if what you'll see in the future are high rising buildings. 

I am happy to know that Mediatrix Homes is not only committed to providing decent homes to each of the hardworking Filipinos, from their executive houses to low cost housing projects, they also commit to keep the environment and mother earth happy while the City aims for development.

Mediatrix Homes Inc are now serving Dipolog, Ozamis and Oroquieta City. If you want to own a house from this Provinces, contact them now. It's never too late to own a home. Just what their marketing motto says, "WHY RENT? When YOU can OWN a HOME now"

This trip is brought to you by:
Mr. Ralph Lorenzo Tan
Mediatrix Homes Inc.


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