Dipolog City: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Sunset at the Boulevard of Broken Dreams

This is probably one of the scenes that catches my heart in Dipolog. The Sunset at the Boulevard or most known as the boulevard of broken dreams, despite the name, it's so lovely.   When your facing the sea you are actually looking at the Sulu Sea. It's probably one of the most visited place in Dipolog City.  As per the locals, they bring their visitors here most of the time because of the beautiful sunset at the boulevard.

A bamboo bridge
It's a favorite recreational and fitness place of the fitness and health enthusiasts too. There are barbecue stations like that of Larsian in Cebu or the Barbecue Stations at the side of the Public Plaza in Oroquieta City.

Along the breakwater you will see a lot of people and kids fishing

During our first night in Dipolog City, 2 bloggers arrived from a road trip and was so hungry for food, but the cafe in our inn closed early (around 10PM), so we decided to accompany them and hunt for food with them. That's also the time when I realized we are living quiet far from the city proper. There was no beautiful scene at that time. 

Fishing boats at the other side 

But during our 2nd day in Dipolog City, we head to the boulevard to watch for the sunset and probably take few pictures of it, I was awed how beautiful the scene was. The sunset looked so perfect. And I ended up taking lots and lots of shots from the boulevard to the break water.

another bamboo bridge connecting a fishing spot.
There are also a lot of people doing their exercise along the boulevard, it's not just a sight seeing destination, but a place to relax, meditate and be fit.

- til the next Purple Slipperz Adventure. :)


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