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[Events] Undivided Indivisible CEBU

I am back in Cebu, but not for good. I'm here for a personal business which I thought would only be for a day, but I would end up having to stay here until the 25th. Just when I thought I can be lazy the whole time, I think God is giving me what I wanted, and that's a BUSY Schedule.

Last week I was in Marikina City to attend the 1st Catholic Social Media Summit. It was indeed a very productive week. Just when I thought I can just have the time of my life in Cebu, surprisingly invites and opportunities came in. It was just so in time that Johnn, a Blogger from Cebu called for bloggers for an event today. Without any second thought, I opted to join.

Dipolog City: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

This is probably one of the scenes that catches my heart in Dipolog. The Sunset at the Boulevard or most known as the boulevard of broken dreams, despite the name, it's so lovely.   When your facing the sea you are actually looking at the Sulu Sea. It's probably one of the most visited place in Dipolog City.  As per the locals, they bring their visitors here most of the time because of the beautiful sunset at the boulevard.

Dipolog City: Pasta Sardines

Served with Olives and red bell pepper. The spicy flavor of the spanish sardines, where Dipolog City is well known for plays in your mouth.

Dipolog City: Hudyaka Street Dancing Scenes


Dipolog City | Restreto Inn - Accommodation

I had a pleasant stay while I was in Dipolog City because of Restreto Inn & Cafe. Their very attentive, patient and accommodating staff were a plus, most specially Juvy, whose been very informative and very helpful. The Inn was located a bit far from the city proper. It's based in Brgy Minaog within the Shell Gasoline Station compound. Judging from the location, it seems like an old grocery store of a gasoline station, transformed into a travelers inn.
Despite the location, the rooms look so homey, although the Standard and Deluxe Rooms doesn't have windows. During our stay, we stayed in a Deluxe Room for 2 nights and experienced the Suite Room for a night with 2 other travel bloggers. The Suite rooms, compared to the Deluxe and the Standard room has their own windows, but you wouldn't really want to peep on it because of there is no impressive views anyways. They also have their own Coffee Shop. They serve brewed coffee and other liquids. They serve meals too.
They d…

FOOD TRIP FRIDAYS at Dipolog City: Big Joe's Cafe

"Burp" and that's the best meal I had while I was in Big Joe's.

Dipolog City: 3303 Steps to Linabo Peak

During our second day stay in Dipolog the Ralph Lorenzo Tan and his brother offered to tour us around the Mediatrix Homes properties, view the greenery at the San Jose Valley, a 180 degrees view of the City and a glimpse of the peak of the famous 3003 Steps of Linabo Peak.

Dipolog City: Mediatrix Homes Inc. Tour

At first I was really wondering what are we doing here. It's either my expectations were not set or I was not listening when we were informed during our trip to Dipolog City to cover the Hudyaka Zanorte. When Ralph Lorenzo Tan was introduced to us, in their office, I was like hmmm okay... and he started to talk about the company and how was our trip and so on. Neither did I know that his the owner of the company.. Wooooooooosh! And I was like what????

Dipolog City: How to Get There

My Route: How I get there.

I'm from Iligan City, we were suppose to take the 12 noon Ocean Jet trip to OroquietaCity (Php 300.00 one way; 2 way is Php400.00) to save time and energy, however, our excitement were cut off after having known that the scheduled trip was cancelled due to  machine failure. According to Pinaytravelista, the agent said that there is no definite schedule for the next trip. So we had our tickets refunded (yes! Full refund) and immediately head to the North Bus Terminal of Iligan City (Php 7.00).

Food Trip Friday: Red Planet Grill New Flavors

On your next visit to Red Planet you might want to try getting this Sizzling Chicken Sisig. Made up of chicken breast made to taste like the most loved pork sisig. Served with cracked raw egg to sizzle. This is absolutely halal.

Cebu | Birhen sa Simala - Sibonga

The Miraculous Virgin Mary and the palace like Church in Simala... what's in it that makes people hunt for miracles? The miracle stories that I heard from people and devotees makes me want to go and thought of hunting for that un-explainable feeling that they say you'd feel when you get there. I do pay respect to Mama Mary, and to Jesus who saved the whole world from sins. I respect the experiences that other people may have experienced in this place. 

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