Iligan City: Mimar's Springway Resort

Last May 19, 2012 Iligan Bloggers Society Inc. celebrated their 1st Anniversary with a Summer Party at Mimar's Springway Resort. Last April 20 and April 22, 2012 me and my family was here to celebrate the birthday of my siblings Nique and Kirk.

After seeing my posts, a reader asked me why am I keep on going there when in fact they have lesser number of swimming pools compared to the other resorts in the area. So here's the reason why.

Thanks for the Photo Sir Pat Noel
1. I've been coming back in Timoga for many years now, since we lived in Iligan City and have been swimming from different resorts since
I was younger. Swimming pools doesn't really destress me, but the springs are. This is the only Resort that didn't entirely altered the cascade or the spring. The natural beauty is still there. The feeling of being communed with nature is still there. And the sound of the cascading water is so relaxing and heavenly. ©

2. If I were to go there for exercise, I can use the Olympic pool. If I want to relax or destress I'll hit the spring.

with CDOBloggers

3. Although they made swimming pools and have diverted a significant amount of water to the manmade pool, they preserved a part of the nature.

copyright ©

4. This resort doesn't get crowdy most of the time. Majority of the Iliganons and visitors prefer to go somewhere with oversized pools, but for me if I where to tour a visitor around,I would prefer bringing them here. Because the beauty of nature is priceless.

I don't mean to downplay the other resorts, if that's how the post sounds I was just saying what I prefer.

How to Get There?

Ride a Buru-un Line Jeepney from the City Proper and tell the driver to drop you off at Mimars.
Fare: 13.00 (as of May 19, 2012)

Not from Iligan? Here's how to get to Iligan.

Do they serve food? Nope. You have to buy it from outside or bring your outwn food. They do sell some chips, boiled banana (linung-ag na saging hehehe) and sweet potatoe (kamote), soft drinks, water and liquor. And yes they also have Ice cream hehe.

Do they sell swimsuits? Yes, they have shorts, tshirts and floating gears too. Expect it to be a bit pricey compared to buying it from a department store in the City Proper.


  1. I forgot where we use to go before.. its the resort that have a panoramic view of iligan bay.. but this one is really nice! :D How i wish i can visit here soon! <3

    1. If not mistaken that's in Dela Mars, just next to Mimars.

      Hehehe Thanks for the visit Wander Shugah... we'd love to bring you there.

  2. I have always thought of Dela-Mar, Timoga and Mimars as one in the same location with different names but after reading this it suggests to me that they are all separate entities geographically grouped together sharing water from the same original source that is constantly flowing and changing. No wonder it is so refreshing ! Each time I have been to this place it has always been to the pool at the very top so would that be Timoga ? This is the one where from under a pavilion kind of area at one end of the pool is where one can get that beautiful panoramic view of part of the city and Iligan Bay as mentioned by the comment by Wander Shugah.

    As I remember, from the upper most pool if you look down over the railing on the diving board side of this pool is the area where the Bloggers party took place ?

    Someday I think I will have to explore some of the many other spring water fresh pools, all available at what seems to me as one in the same place.

    Here is a link to a nice video visit to Timoga, Spring Fed swimming pools as taken by Mr. Tommy Karlsson, a visitor from Sweeden in 2009. It includes that beautiful panoramic view from the top. One of the many wonders of Iligan City !

    Iligan City

    Simply Amazing

    1. Thanks for the comment Bob.

      Yes Bob thats the place when you look down over the railing on the diving board side of Dela Mars. :)

      Check it out on your next visit. hehe Did I just added another to do on your list?

  3. Panalo sa model shoot ah! :)


    1. hahahaha oo nga... feel na feel ko yan. lols

  4. ay winner na winner yung long exposure ng waterfalls pati yung model haha dapat makapunta na ako dyan.....


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