Food Trip Fridays: Calda Pizza New Flavors

My latest food trip lead me to the leading giant pizza maker in the country, and yes that's Calda Pizza. They have two new flavors, I'm sure everyone will love.

This is Taco Pizza
 Here's a taste of a Mexican dish served as Pizza. It's rich in flavor,tasty and yummy. I'm not really into Taco , but the aroma is irresistible. So I dig in and enjoyed the food like a toddler. 

This one is Bacon & Egg Pizza
I do love bacon and egg for breakfast, but putting it in a pizza doesn't seem right though. The flavor was unexplainable and most likely it's because of a half cooked egg spread all over the crust. And it's really dripping while you munch on it. But I guess bacon lovers would still love it though. 

More detail description of this food items at 


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