Dipolog Diary Day 3: Hudyaka Zanorte Street Dancing

Hmm the bed is so tempting. I know it'll be another busy day ahead, but Lai and Christian was so eager to take sunrise photos at Gallas. 4am we're already awake and traveled almost 20 to 30 minutes to reach Gallas port. We wanted to see people fishing, we wanted to see fishermen in action and the beautiful sunrise. 2 travel bloggers stayed in the hotel, while the other 5 went out for that trip.

Sunrise at Gallas Dipolog City

After Gallas port or beach, we had breakfast at the friendly store of Jobi! haha...
Do I have to say it? hehe

After breakfast we head back to the hotel and just got lazy the whole morning. I was trying to catch a sleep. But we have to change room assignments, so we packed our things and transferred to the other room.

We were transferred to a suite room... hmmm not bad...

The street dancing is scheduled at 2PM wew... that's soooooooo HOT! I mean literally hot not sexy hot. And the closing Fireworks is scheduled 7PM wew.

their waiting for a team too :)
So we all had a lazy morning. We went out from the hotel around 1PM, we don't have lunch yet. We stop by somewhere to wait for the parade. Good thing we stop near a bakeshop, since we were all hungry and by that I mean very hungry we bought something to fill in our hungry stomach. Me being acidic I have problems with skipping meals. I can't afford to skip meals or else I'll either be grumpy the whole day because of headache, or be a burden to my travel mates because of hyper acidity or heart burn attacks. Much more we will be on the field for long hours.

So I got a gatorade to hydrate me and a hopia to fill in my hungry stomach. After grabbing those, we head to  the Rural Bank of Rizal Building which is near their City Hall. As the street dancers started to march or should I say dance in the streets, neither did I know the people were already crumped at my back, waiting for their favorite contingents.

Photographers, or should I say hobbiest were busy roaming around trying to get their best shots. Somehow, I got irritated with one of them taking photos without etiquette.. I mean hey do I have to remind you of a photographers etiquette? She was too selfish to just walk in and shoot without minding the other photographers at her back. (#galit ka te? wehehe)

After the street dancing, everyone looks exhausted and Christian called for a halo-halo break. We thought of going to Julies, but since the people were also going there, Benson brought us to another halo-haloan of Dipolog instead, and they call it Halo-haloan sa Boulevard. When we told the tricycle driver about that, he graciously brought us there. I think that was around 5PM.

this is only Php 15.00 :)

After that halo-halo break, we were told that we have to go to the Hudyaka Site. When we arrived we waited for our guide for a while and took some pictures of the Houses or replica's built by Municipality of ZaNorte. Looking at each of them, I uttered "bongga!" it was very artistic. You can really say they have spent a lot and time and effort to prepare for it. It's a competition too.

After taking a few pics, we huddled and decided to buy barbecues to fill our once again hungry tummies. As usual I ate a meal (lols) kasi nga diba?? yun na yun... Thirdy arrived to accompany us for the rest of the day. We took few pictures and videos of the Fireworks, ate a humble dinner at the boulevard and we went back to our hotel dead tired.

And that's how hectic our schedule was, in Dipolog. hehehehe

Despite some glitches, I enjoyed the trip a lot because of the travel bloggers and the other Dipolognon I met in Dipolog.

See you again Dipolog City! Sa uulitin.


  1. I enjoyed my very first hudyaka zanorte experience. Dapat inaway mo yung photographer. Sa kanya ba yung daan? Buti hindi nagcross ang landas namin

    1. hahaha yun na nga. nakasampa ka naman kasi sayong trono. ganda ng pwesto mo dun. hehehe

      sarap nga sanang tamaan ng lense nya hahaha bayulente lang lols.


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