Dipolog Diary Day 1: Arrival

It was raining hard when we arrived Dipolog City. I was lucky enough to have a far sighted sight and was alert enough to notice the welcome sign of Brgy Minaog, Dipolog City. I signaled the bus to stop and so we jump off.

We're heading Restreto Inn, located just beside the Shell Gasoline Station and infront the Isuzu Auto Display Center at Brgy Minaog, Dipolog City. PinayTravelista was not feeling well then, she suddenly got dizzy while on the road, she was so pale and was vomitting.  Well, I also;can just rely to TravelJams when it comes to road signs because she's near sighted(hehehe). Thank God for these beautiful eyes! hehehe...

We arrived around 6:30 in the evening. I was expecting a bunch of travel bloggers and a welcome party (organizers) then dreaming of a welcome dinner too, but I was quiet surprised seeing only the inn's staff and Ate Karen. But hmmmm I said "Oh well'. We immediately checked in to our rooms and took some photos.

That was a tiring 7 hours bus ride from Iligan City, with no lunch and no snacks. So can you imagine how hungry we were? So we decided to  just order a meal at the coffee shop (yes they do serve meals.. :D) Ate and grab our notebooks to start working (Yes I bring work with me and yes they do have WIFI).

After a few minutes, Juanderful Pinoy and Lakad Pilipinas arrived, with their backpacks and haggard faces! lols.. Can You imagine? they travelled going to Dipolog by Bus- Roro and they spent 3 days of non-stop roadtrip to reach Dipolog, with no enough sleep, no decent bed, staple food and no bath. All for the love of travel. And their faces were like screaming for "can I get a good sleep now??? where's the food?" lols..

The Coffee Shop was already closed and they haven't eaten yet. Even if we were already tired, knowing what they've been through, I know they are far more tired than us. So we accompanied them to the boulevard (Php 10.00), to look for a decent food to eat. We got pork barbecues and puso (hanging rice) at a very cheap price, a soda and "burp" tummy's full.
We headback to Restreto Inn (Php 10.00) and doze off.
< Here's my room mate by the way :)

Naks.. mysterious hehehe


  1. hahahahaha! karon pa ko kita sa last pic teh! hahahahahaha! *di ka-get-over*

    1. hahahaha and there goes the white background of the texts haist... hehehehehe

      mysterious keu na akong room mate... hang arte lang ng pose te??? lols


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