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Here's What I did during Summer 2012

During summer most of the time, people thinks about travelling or going out for a vacation. For the first time, I haven't planned anything for summer. But I do have scheduled trips out of town, for some committments, and not really the vacation that I have in mind.

True... Sendong somehow change my priorities and would possibly forever be. I mean a lot of this changed, a lot of lives where changed. But I'm still blessed for having my family complete. So instead of really planning a trip outside Iligan, me and my family chose to explore Iligan instead. Instead of spending thousands for vacation, we opt to have our house fixed instead.

So here's how I spent my summer this year:

I have been to a local beach in Sta. Filomena, a couple of times with my family and neighbors. It was not an expensive trip because theirs no entrance fees and transportation costs was only 8.00 pesos per person, and a 30.00 pesos fee for the table rental. That was during the early days of April, 2012…

Cebu City: Lanipao RainForest

My recent trip to Cebu City was very productive. I had a great day spending time with my college and office friends. It was Friday Morning when I feel like working out to relieve myself from stress. Other than that It was seriously so hot and feel like going to the pool for an exercise. Yes seriously for an exercise. So I texted my friends in Cebu and asked around where I can possibly swim. Luckily Michy (Blogger) said there's this pool in Guadalupe. I was then so excited because for the past 6 years that I have been living in Banawa-Guadalupe area,I didn't knew about it. So last Sunday Michy brought me and my college friends to Lanipao RainForest after her shift. hehehe sorry michy inisturbo talaga kita. hehehe

Honoring My Mom and All the Mothers in this World

We will be celebrating Mother's day this coming May 13, 2012. I am greatly honored having a very supportive and loving mother, whose love is unconditionally and true.
I have been surrounded with great mother mentors who's been loving me and continuously loving me even if I have failed them many times. My Aunties, my mommy friends who were always there to give me all the support,guidance and encouragement that I need most specially during the darkest time of my life.

CEBU | The recent visit

So good to be back in Cebu. I was in Cebu for a number of reasons

Reason 1:

I was invited to give a testimony in one of the VA seminars of Jomar Hilario. It was a short sharing about how I landed with my job after experiencing Sendong and following his tips and trainings religiously. 
Reason 2: 

I attended my good friend Mitch's wedding at Marco Polo Hotel. The wedding was grand and luxurious. So fitting for my dear friends taste and lifestyle.

Things I tried during this trip:

Surfing Ribs
Lanipao Rainforest [blogpost here]
Riding Trans Asia 5
Sto Nino Shrine Visit Lunch at Lailai Gardens SM
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