Travel Tip : Bring an Umbrella

My Purple Umbrella 
As much as possible I will never leave the house without my umbrella. And yes it's obviously purple hehe. This is a must have during travels most specially in tropical countries like the Philippines. Because you'll never know when will the next rainfall be.

Don't act like a super girl (may tatamaan neto.. alam ko... hehehe peace tayo!), invincible from coughs or colds because human as we are, our immune systems at some point are weak. And you can't afford to be sick most specially when you're on the road. So always bring an umbrella with you.

I know umbrella can't be hand carried in the plane so you might want to check it in with your other stuff, or if not you can buy a new one in the destination you are going to. But sometimes buying a new one is not possible with a tight budget, so bringing and umbrella with you is the best solution.

If you're travelling with no checkin' baggage, use your charm to have it checkin' with the luggages of  a new friend :)


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