My Recent Trip to Mang Inasal

In my recent trip to Mang Inasal, look what surprised me?

The barbecue meal turned into a minute serving. Hmmm bbq is my favorite meal and one of my all time favorites in Mang Inasal, that is why it's a big deal for me. ahahahaha

Gee is this what they call cost cutting??? and it taste differently too. I wonder if it's only here in Iligan branch or is it really like this in other branches too?


  1. Wow! great trip you had and i have to be at Mang Inasal next week and thanks for the post!@Lisa Travelers

  2. That looks like it might be the " Weight Watchers " version ? To me it looks like more than a tease and hardly a snack.

    1. You bet! I ended up drinking a lot of water! Lols..


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