10 Most visited destinations in Iligan City

Known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls you probably have an idea what Iligan City can offer. The City is rich with natural water resources.

Would you believe that even though most of these are available for free, not all Iliganon's have been here? Yet,  you can visit all of these in a day. So if you're planning to visit or tour Iligan City, You can try this route.

#1. NPC Nature's Park 

Located at Brgy Maria Cristina, Iligan City
Entrance Fee: 35.00 pesos for the Adults and you can add Php 10.00 for the shuttle if you don't have your own car. (Rates may change without further notice. as of April 2012)
There's a growing number of Fauna and Flora in the NPC mini zoo. The animals were donated by private citizens.

#2. Maria Cristina Falls

Located at Brgy. Maria Cristina, Iligan City
Entrance Fee: Free if you already paid for NPC Nature's Park, it's in the same compound though. However, the falls is near Agus 6 of the Power Plant.
Go up to the viewing deck to have a closer look at the falls. Best viewed during Sundays around 11:00 AM (however, not all the time) when the water at the falls is at full blast. Because it's more beautiful when it's full blast.

#3. Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House

Located at Brgy Buru-un, Iligan City.
Entrance Fee: Free.
Note:  Please do sign the visitor Log book for visitor monitoring.
Discover the former President Arroyo and late President's memories inside the house. Look for that interesting photo that greets everyone with surprise.

#4. Mimbalut Falls

Located at Brgy. Buru-un, Iligan City.
Entrance Fee: Free
Climb in one of the mountainous rocks of Mimbalut and take a pose for a picture or take an aerial shot while trying out the extreme rides from the Iligan Paradise Resort.

#5. Tinago Falls (Hidden Falls)

Located at Brgy Buru-un, Iligan City
Entrance Fee: Free. However you may give a donation to the Locals (at least 10.00 pesos each). You may also want to rent a life vest (Php 25.00 each) if you wanna go swimming. Tables are available for rent for only 50.00 pesos.
Note: Never swim without a life vest, even if you're the best swimmer in the world. The water current in Tinago Falls is not as still as what you think. In going down and up the rocky hills, take a pause and catch breath, it's not a raise most specially in going up. Read it here to set your expectations. 

#6. Timoga Spring Pools

Located at Brgy Buru-un, Iligan City
Entrance Fee: 100.00 per person. (as of April 2014), Table/Cottage Rental starts at Php 100.00 (as of April 2012).
Iligan's Pride! Swimming Pools with fresh flowing spring water. It's not chlorinated as what the usual swimming pools are. The water is not treated with any other chemical. All swimming pools are drained during closing time.
You may want to bring your own food or purchase it outside, since they don't cater food inside the resorts :)

#7. Buhanginan Hills

Located at Brgy. Pala-o Iligan City
Entrance Fee: Free
Fare: 8.00 from the City Proper (as of April 2012).
You will have a view of the City proper and a view of the City Amphitheater designed just like the famous rice terraces in Banaue.

#8. City Hall At Night
Photo credit: Alingatong

Located at Brgy. Pala-o Iligan City
Entrance Fee: Free
Fare: 8.00 pesos from the City Proper
At night, the city would look like a sea of lights viewed from the park in front of the City Hall. The City Hall is located at the top of the Buhanginan Hills.

#9. Centennial Park

Located at Brgy Dalipuga, Iligan City
Entrance Fee: Free
Fare: 15.00 pesos from the City Proper as of April 2012
Catch the beautiful sunset at Centennial Park. The green bed of bermuda and the tallest flagpole in town holding the biggest Philippine Flag. Built during the Centennial Anniversary of Freedom of the Philippines. Favorite destinations of Families and dating teens.

#10. Weekend Night Market
Photo Credit: TravelJams

Located at the heart of the City (Poblacion), the City's Rizal Park transforms into a night destination during Friday and Saturday nights. Local small business put up their tents around the park closing a portion of the roads and transform it to a night market of food and goodies. 
It's a good place for a night life, a little beer drinking and ukay ukay shopping. It's also a place for a get together for local bands, skaters and street dancers to showcase their talents. 

So there, that's the 10 most visited destinations here in Iligan City. The places are very well known by the locals, they surely can give you directions or I'm just a text away for directions. hehehehe and If my schedule permits, I can bring you there too :P

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