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10 Most visited destinations in Iligan City

Known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls you probably have an idea what Iligan City can offer. The City is rich with natural water resources.
Would you believe that even though most of these are available for free, not all Iliganon's have been here? Yet,  you can visit all of these in a day. So if you're planning to visit or tour Iligan City, You can try this route.
#1. NPC Nature's Park 

Located at Brgy Maria Cristina, Iligan City
Entrance Fee: 35.00 pesos for the Adults and you can add Php 10.00 for the shuttle if you don't have your own car. (Rates may change without further notice. as of April 2012) There's a growing number of Fauna and Flora in the NPC mini zoo. The animals were donated by private citizens.

Bohol: National Museum Tagbilaran City

I have been to Bohol for multiple times, but it is my first time to visit and explore the National Museum Bohol Branch. It reopened just recently after a few renovations to make the museum look better. They added new items and have stitched history for tourists and Filipinos to better understand Bohol , Boholanos and it's history.

Travel Tip: Bring a Broadband Dangle

As a blogger, we always have that urge to update status messages, post blog updates and upload pictures immediately or as it happen. Thus staying connected online is one of our obsessions (ganon!?). Free Wifi's may not always be available, not to mention Starbucks no longer provide it free (tsk!) and going to an Internet Cafe might be an issue. So always bring a USB Broadband Dangle with you.

Travel Tip: Wear a Water Resistant Watch

Many would find it odd, but I believe having a water resistant watch is important. Most specially when you are traveling. You can't predict the weather to be fair all the time, and when the weather starts it's tantrums getting wet while on the go is very possible. Just make sure that it'll match all the outfit you prepared for the trip.

1. You don't have to remove it while taking a swim at the pool or at the beach.

1. It might not be suitable or come handy with your evening dress. (hihi)

Travel Tip : Bring an Umbrella

As much as possible I will never leave the house without my umbrella. And yes it's obviously purple hehe. This is a must have during travels most specially in tropical countries like the Philippines. Because you'll never know when will the next rainfall be.

Don't act like a super girl (may tatamaan neto.. alam ko... hehehe peace tayo!), invincible from coughs or colds because human as we are, our immune systems at some point are weak. And you can't afford to be sick most specially when you're on the road. So always bring an umbrella with you.

My Recent Trip to Mang Inasal

In my recent trip to Mang Inasal, look what surprised me?

The barbecue meal turned into a minute serving. Hmmm bbq is my favorite meal and one of my all time favorites in Mang Inasal, that is why it's a big deal for me. ahahahaha

Gee is this what they call cost cutting??? and it taste differently too. I wonder if it's only here in Iligan branch or is it really like this in other branches too?
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