International Standard General Santos City Fish Port Tour

Welcome To Asia's Tuna Capital and this is how well planned the area is.
Magandang Gensan! I went to Gensan last November of 2011, when we attended the Sockksargen Blogfest 2.0. Although I am from Mindanao, it's quiet sad to say that it was my first time in General Santos City, thus I don't want to miss the Gensan tour prepared by Bariles himself and his brother Ganda-ever-so-much. And one of the major stop is in the Gensan Fish Port.

I have heard a lot of stories about the Gensan Fish Port and how clean and organize it is. I was thrilled with the story of seeing gazillions (exaggerated i know! hehehe) of tuna in front of you. The IBS members who have been there thousand times said I can buy tuna flakes there for less than a hundred per kilo! Knowing that my mind is already counting how many kilos can I afford? ahahaha.

So here's a glimpse about the tour we had in Gensan Port. I hope we can make it like these too in Iligan City. 
Following the international standards of ports, we are wearing a uniformed white boots as we tour around the port of General Santos City. 

Stepping in to the foot bath for  sanitary purposes.

Hello Tuna! Can you see how big this tuna is? This are fresh  Bariles (tuna) after being weighed for sorting. 

Look at the size of this fish. The man is trying to weigh this fish. The last time I saw this kind of fish was when I was in college, when the late biology teacher Prof. Ortega preserved it and while it's decomposing slowly inside the aviary. Ughhhh it was really and odd smell. But this one isn't since it oh so fresh!

Clear eyes says, "hey, I'm so fresh"

Welcome to the freezer, for few minutes I fell like I'm in North Pole, with a matching snowflakes falling while we were inside. I remember someone took a picture of us inside. I wonder how's his camera now? hehe

This is where you get the cheapest especially cut tuna products. 
For more Pictures about the trip visit my Facebook Fanpage : PurpleSlipperz. 

Have you been to Gensan's International Standard Fish Port?

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