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Bohol: Man-made Forest

If you have been to Bohol, you might probably have passed by or stopped for a while in this cold street of Bohol, the Loboc Man-made Forest. It's a 12.2 kilometer streak of manually planted trees to make a forest. It had been well guarded and maintained both for tourism and the balancing eco-system.

Bohol: Hinagdanan Cave

It's probably the most visited cave when you speak of Bohol. Hinagdanan Cave is located in Dauis, Panglao Island Bohol. Although there are other caves in Bohol, Hinagdanan Cave is the most visited because of it's accessibility to the public. You don't have to be extremely fit to go down the cave. This is probably my 3rd time in Hinagdanan Cave. And everytime I visit the place, there's always something new.

What's New?

There are more and more gift shops or pasalubong shops in the area. When we arrived I didn't really recognized it as Hinagdanan Cave because of an increasing number of pasalubong shops in the area.Another is the visible resort near the place.What to expect?
Narrow and steep opening of the cave, but an improved railings where you can hold on to while going up and down the cave. The stairs might be slippery due to the humidity of the cave, so be extremely careful.You might find the cave really dark at first, but as you enter the cave and probably blin…

Bohol: St Joseph the Worker Cathedral

Visited the St. Joseph the Worker Cathedral yesterday and attended the 5:00 PM Eucharist as well. It's located at the heart of Tagbilaran City just across the National Museum and the park.

Although it's very accessible tourist don't usually drop by here. Why? simply because it's most of the time not included in tour itineraries, compared to the famous Baclayon Church and Loboc Church where the Loboc Boys Choir is in.

The Cathedral church is one of the oldest Church in bohol, just like the Baclayon Church. However, compared to Baclayon Church, the Cathedral have undergone numerous renovations and modernization of the interior. But the old structure remained the same. There were already add-ons or extensions in the building.

Here are few angles of the Church;

The church is just a block away from the BQ Mall, Carlos P Garcia Avenue. It's the adjacent building of the Bohol National Museum, after the rotonda. If you are checked in within the "sentro"…

Called to Be God's Co-Creator

Attended the workshop for caring for the environment during the 19th Singles For Christ International Conference in Bohol, Feb 18, 2012 at BSPTEA.

Continuing the call for One Green Mindanao... One Green Philippines... One Green Earth...

Taking care of what God has given to me. What have you done for the environment after the 5th Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011?

Start with small things... not throwing plastics or trash anywhere is one great help to keep the earth clean and green.

Another Angle of the Baclayon Church

Here's another angle of the famous and most visited church in Bohol, the Baclayon Church. The usual angle we have when taking pictures of it is the right side of the church. Now this photo is the front view of the church..

Watch out for the how to get there post... for the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy the photo's of the other sides of Baclayon Church in Baclayon Bohol.

Visited Feb 17,2012

How to get here? (starting point: Tagbilaran City)(updated 2.28.2012)

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Driving directions to Baclayon Church

Starting POint: Integrated Bus Terminal Tagbilaran City 6300, Philippines
1. Head south on Carlos P. Garcia Ave toward M. H. Del Pilar400 m
2. Turn right onto J.S. Torralba St65 m
3. Take the 1st left onto Sarmiento St.140 m
4. Turn right onto J.A. Clarin Avenue54 m
5. Take the 1st left onto Venancio P. Inting Avenue2.1 km
6. Continue onto Tagbilaran East Road Destination will be on the left 4.5 km
Destination: Baclayon Church Baclayon

Suggested Route: Venancio P. Inti…

The Sarangani Highlands

When I was in Gensan, during the tour for outside Sockksargen bloggers who came for the Blogfest 2.0 one of our bountiful stop was in Sarangani Highlands. Why bountiful? Because we had our eat-all-you-can breakfast there! ahahahahaha I am not 100% sure whether the buffet breakfast is served regularly in the place but it when we went there. 

The breakfast was quite heavy (quite lang daw oh! hahaha), nothing extraordinary really, but my very sensitive tummy was very satisfied and happy. I like beef tapa much kasi hahahaha. By the way, don't be deceived with this plated in food, coz it went round 2 lols.. I was that hungry!
Over breakfast, in the other table we met the owner of Tribu (yes... tribu na tribu slipperz) and the guru of head wear. Who was actually there to try out paragliding in Sarangani Highlands, coz they're planning to promote it as one of the attractions and will eventually be offered to the adrenaline-rush lover public. Yup, such a lucky blogger to shook hands …

International Standard General Santos City Fish Port Tour

Magandang Gensan! I went to Gensan last November of 2011, when we attended the Sockksargen Blogfest 2.0. Although I am from Mindanao, it's quiet sad to say that it was my first time in General Santos City, thus I don't want to miss the Gensan tour prepared by Bariles himself and his brother Ganda-ever-so-much. And one of the major stop is in the Gensan Fish Port.
I have heard a lot of stories about the Gensan Fish Port and how clean and organize it is. I was thrilled with the story of seeing gazillions (exaggerated i know! hehehe) of tuna in front of you. The IBS members who have been there thousand times said I can buy tuna flakes there for less than a hundred per kilo! Knowing that my mind is already counting how many kilos can I afford? ahahaha.
So here's a glimpse about the tour we had in Gensan Port. I hope we can make it like these too in Iligan City. 

For more Pictures about the trip visit my Facebook Fanpage : PurpleSlipperz. 
Have you been to Gensan's Internat…
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