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One Dream, One House One for Iligan : Bayanihan ng Bayan sa Iligan Livestream!

For readers outside and those in Iligan City who wish to watch what's currently going on in Iligan..

Live Channels: at Sta Elena, Steeltown, Iligan City
Channel 1 -
Channel 2 -


KC Concepcion and other celebrities.VP BinayPNOY6 Cycle mindGloc9
"This village will be called BAYANIHAN Village" - Under Sec. Mari OquiñanaBayanihan Concert later @ MSU-IIT :)
For Twitter Feeds please use the following hashtags:
#bayanihanngbayan sa #iligan #rebuildCDO&iligan

Our House After Sendong

No one expected, that the water would reach 12 feet above the roof. Seeing it in my own eyes, frightened me with disbelief. Flash flood as how they call it, flashed our belongings away and totally covered what's left with mud.

Here's a photo of our house taken by the CFC- Restoration team who helped us clean the interior of our house. But it's still unlivable because the roofing was shuttered. The ridges where gone, the ceilings fell and the scaffolding's were broken.

The pictures were taken 5 days after the flash flood;

So there... everything's gone. Not even one computer survived (hehe) . But I'm very thankful because my whole family is complete and well. Thank God!

For your donations, Iligan Bloggers Society Inc are still accepting donations for the sendong survivors. You may visit the site here.

For personal donations to PurpleSlipperz please do email me at info @ (no spaces). Your cash and in-kind donations are very much welcome. May Go…
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