Visiting Benjamin Andrada Building and Museum

As I was trying to familiarize myself with Iligan City and it's history, my foot took me to this one familiar building in the city. I have passed by and saw this building for over 27 years of my existence, but I never cared to visit or even known something about that building. It's quiet distinguishable today because of its eye catching color and one of the , I could say, well maintained old building in Iligan City. Majority of the old structures where already gone and have been replaced with new and modern designs. 

IBS members booked the society on schedule to view the said museum. I really don't have an idea what brought them there and who educated them about the museum, I didn't bother to ask them too lols... I was that blank when I met them earlier for the photo shoot, hehehe.

Benjamin Andrada
We went there at exactly 10 in the morning and take pictures like as if we can never go back. lols 

When you enter the building you will be greeted with the stairway  It's quiet creepy if you'll think differently lols... it will lead you to their Offices. 

You need to pass by another stairway to reach the museum. 

It's quiet different from what the typical museum like feel. It's more of a display of personal or I should say family belongings. A documentation of their culture and traditions, travel souvenirs and story. 

While looking at each of the stuff in it, I quietly uttered how I wish my grandparents house was never renovated. The old house in Oroquieta City is gone, and went totally modern wew it could have been a legacy.

I observed that the family is very religious. They're Catholic, I should say, I mean the number of rosaries and statues in there I guess would tell you. 

I am amazed how the couple document their anniversaries in a jar, by placing cake icing flowers in it and mark it with dates when it was used. I saw as old as 1965 for the 1st wedding anniversary, that's so cool... vintage! 

[Update November 9, 2012]
  • Hello Purple Slipperz! Thank you for featuring the Benjamin Andrada Museum. I am one of the great grand children and we loved your article. There is just one correction in the part 1 article which mentioned about the icing, etc in the jars that it was Benjamin and Concepcion's wedding anniversary in 1965....that was actually Benjamin's first death anniversary  Lola Concep would celebrate his death anniv by having a cake and keeping a piece of it. 

Collection of clothes and shoes
Leather shoes

Hospital bed, it is.

The personal belongings like shoes, dress, tuxedos, neck ties, bags, shirts and even medicines and medicine bottles were kept for memories. Did I mention that a hospital bed was there too? hehehe

The tinted glass windows were time witnesses how the family lived happily in that house and how prosperous their living was. The building was used as their Office too when they opened the first company in Iligan City.

Have you visited the place? You might want to visit the museum in your next visit to Iligan City.

If you find information here that are inaccurate, please contact me for corrections. Thank You! 

[Update November 10, 2012]

  • Hi Xy-Za,
    Thanks for your reply. Would you believe the 2 houses that they stayed in are still in good condition too. They're adjacent to the museum and the bigger house at the back was used as a headquarters during the war.


  1. WOW! I wanna go here. Where can I find this? Tsk.

  2. Wow! Definitely I would pass by this place if I go to Iligan City. I love museums.

  3. Nice capture!
    My grandparents old home was destroyed, but they kept a few of their old belongings.. When you touch them, you know It was from another time.. very otherworldly just to imagine the history it has.

  4. Good thing they allow camera's inside the museaum unlike in Villa Escudero museum wherein camera's are not allowed .they almost have the same display which is a family can just imagine how these people kept their stuff back then.

  5. Naalala q ung lumang bhay s dalaguete, cebu owned by dayao family parehong pareho ng design at doktor nung unang panahon ang owner kya may med bed dn. Good to know n napreserve tlga ng family ang bhay at mga antique;)

  6. @Sining Factory: It's in Iligan City :)

    @Kay: Don't forget to ping us we'd love to meet you :)

  7. @Simurgh true... it's like ur travelling in time

  8. @Tatess yup, they're not really that strict

  9. @Morion: you know what? I have been in Cebu for 6 years but haven't explored Cebu... :( that makes me a loser lols... Wish to visit that place in my next cebu trip

  10. Phils sure has rich culture and history, need to promote more...thanks for the share!

  11. love ko rin ang mga museum, thanks for sharing..

  12. Thanks for touring us in your city. :)

  13. I miss Iligan. Haven't been back there since 1994. Want to see my old high school, IIT, and all the friends that I left there!

  14. This is what will happen if you're meticulous enough to keep records for posterity. My first love letter was still in my possession, that was 39 years ago. You should value any documents pertaining to yourself, to your family, to your ancestor for they will be of great help to the next generation. Record-keeping, journal writing, diaries are some of those worthwhile pasttime everyone could involve with, that will have a historical value for the future generation especially your family.

  15. This is so amazing and nostalgic at the same time. I love old/rusty things from hundred years ago.. thank you for sharing.

  16. i agree with tess, villa escudero and other museums doesn't allow camera and some museums charge extra if you want to bring camera.

    am curious on how did they preserve these stuff?

  17. it stirs my heart for heritage conservation. i am an advocate too.

  18. I hope this will remain preserved... let the heriatge stay for long :-)

  19. Brilliant captures..and as C5 said, worth preserving..


  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Good that you can bring camera inside that museum? Most museum do not allow cameras inside especially on the areas with very expensive displays.
    Product Photography Tips from The Creativity Window.

  22. the pictures were captured pretty good... thanks for giving me a taste of iligan... Yahweh bless

  23. Yeah you're right. The museum feels a little creepy. Though it was a good find. Seldom will we catch a preserved old house nowadays.

  24. the stairs looks like the one we visited in Quezon. creepy that's it but a lots of history for us to learn.

  25. wow, so full of history...hope this gets preserved...

  26. WoW ! What an interesting place. I saw that building on my first visit to Iligan but I never knew what was inside of it. Definetly a must see on a future visit. Is an appointment needed to see it ?

    I can tell you about a few of the things you show in your fantastic pics. The old telephone is a French Phone and that one is an original. More than likely with little or no work to it other than a cleaning to make it look good again, it most likely would work just fine on a landline telephone system, even today ! This design was so popular, later model " reproductions " of it have been made by several manufacturers. This link will show you an example of a repro >>

    I might even have one of the repros LOL.

    The AM-FM Radio in your pic is most likely circa late 1960's to early 1970's. The slot on the bottom for an 8 track tape cartridge dictates its vintage. Eight Track Tape Cartridges were popular for only a few years and were replaced by improved versions of the Philips " Compact Cassett " along with improved equipment to record and play them.

    The pic of what you are calling possibly an old AM Radio appears to be some kind of audio amplifier ( not a complete radio ) as there is no visible tuning dial on it. As it shows 2 volume controls possibly one for each input, it may be a small Public Address Amplifier. From the appearance it may have also been " Home Made " from a kit of parts or completely from scratch. The technology of that era ( Vacuum Tubes ) made it quite practical and cost effective for many people to build it themselves, even Televisions !

    Thanks for the fascination on-line tour of this very interesting place. This will be a " Must See " for me on a future visit !

  27. Wow thanks for that info Bob. I would love to own a repro of that phone. It's vintage yet classy right?

    Hehehe I asked sir pat what it was and he said it might be an am radio, hehehe thanks for clarifying that, yeah it might be an amplifier. hehe so cool.

    Yup a must visit in your next trip. Yes you need to have an appointment for you to visit the place. It takes a day or two. However, if by the time you visit them the curator is available, they can accompany you immediately at the same day. See you in your next visit Bob!

  28. I am an Iliganon but I never thought of good museums in the city.
    while I was reading the post, it is like I am in the outside of the town that I don't know what town to go to look for that kind of museum.
    I will look and visit the place sooner or later.


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