SENDONG Is A Wake Up Call

Who would thought that my previous post Visiting Benjamin Andrada Building and Museum Part 2 could have been my last blog post. Sendong flash flood in Iligan City almost took me and 5 of my family members. That was very traumatic.

Here's a very unlikely picture of me. Gwapito of took it during his visit when IBS team found out where me and my family was after the flash flood. I'm holding my dog that's why I am holding a chain. 

It's not only me, but almost everyone's lives changed after typhoon Sendong passed Northern Mindanao and torn down thousand houses and took away thousand lives. Every time it starts to rain I can't understand my feeling. The vision of the water that suddenly goes up to the roof level is still fresh to me. But I thank God for saving me and the rest of my family. I believe we still have a mission to fulfill and a life to change.

The earth is sick, and people are causing the world to be sick. Talks about Climate Change has been there for years, but no one is listening. Now mother nature is taking action and God is asking us to pay for what we did. Ondoy is an alarm. Sendong is a wake up call.

How we survived Sendong?


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