General Santos City's Cute Pedicabs

I find this quiet interesting. I noticed that in every place there are distinctive designs of public utility motorcycles, in the Philippines this is popularly known as pedicabs. And the pedicabs in GenSan look like this. So cute!

Here's a closer look 
I really find it interesting that I did pose for a picture. Because of this from now on, I will be taking pictures of the pedicabs in every place I visit.

Thanks TravelJams for this photo. This pedicab has a different look but still in Gensan.


  1. The first two pedicabs above are better because the passengers can sit upright than the typical like one below photo.

  2. Hmmm... my frustration was I never got to try the other one... waaaaaaaaaaaahhh that's a big boo boo haist


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