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SENDONG Is A Wake Up Call

Who would thought that my previous post Visiting Benjamin Andrada Building and Museum Part 2 could have been my last blog post. Sendong flash flood in Iligan City almost took me and 5 of my family members. That was very traumatic.

It's not only me, but almost everyone's lives changed after typhoon Sendong passed Northern Mindanao and torn down thousand houses and took away thousand lives. Every time it starts to rain I can't understand my feeling. The vision of the water that suddenly goes up to the roof level is still fresh to me. But I thank God for saving me and the rest of my family. I believe we still have a mission to fulfill and a life to change.

The earth is sick, and people are causing the world to be sick. Talks about Climate Change has been there for years, but no one is listening. Now mother nature is taking action and God is asking us to pay for what we did. Ondoy is an alarm. Sendong is a wake up call.

How we survived Sendong?…

Visiting Benjamin Andrada Building and Museum Part 2

Here's another post about the Benjamin Andrada Building and Museum.

Here are few of the personal belongings that I find cute or simply amazed with how it was kept for that long. Vintage items? Yes!

So these are few of the things in the Museum that I fancy... They way the family preserve these things is indeed amazing. I remember telling my mom to throw those old things she's been keeping for so long that she no longer use. After seeing what's in this museum, I change my mind... I'll be keeping those instead :)

Visiting Benjamin Andrada Building and Museum

As I was trying to familiarize myself with Iligan City and it's history, my foot took me to this one familiar building in the city. I have passed by and saw this building for over 27 years of my existence, but I never cared to visit or even known something about that building. It's quiet distinguishable today because of its eye catching color and one of the , I could say, well maintained old building in Iligan City. Majority of the old structures where already gone and have been replaced with new and modern designs. 

IBS members booked the society on schedule to view the said museum. I really don't have an idea what brought them there and who educated them about the museum, I didn't bother to ask them too lols... I was that blank when I met them earlier for the photo shoot, hehehe.
We went there at exactly 10 in the morning and take pictures like as if we can never go back. lols 

When you enter the building you will be greeted with the stairway  It's quiet creepy if y…

Blogfest 2.0 Soccskargen

It's our 2nd day in GenSan. We woke up 5:45  in the morning, my room mates were Pinay Travelista and TravelJams. We immediately took a bath and wore our Apple Green IBS Polo Shirts except PinayTrav who can't seem to find the right color of the polo shirt, lols... (peace lai hehehe)

We had breakfast in the hotel and then head straight to SunCity Suites Function Hall for Blogfest.
And believe it or not we're the early birds! Haha spell excited!

When we arrived, the group was warm welcomed by Avel Manansala of They say Soccskargen Bloggers is the funnest blogger group and Blogfest is the funnest gathering of bloggers in Mindanao. And I should say, they were never wrong in claiming that, coz for real, they really are and the blogfest really is.

I can't remember a time that I stopped smiling, giggling and laughing during the event. The speakers were my Blogger idols, I have been reading and following their blogs for quiet sometime, hmmmmmm most specially Mr.…

First Dinner at Gensan

We had our first dinner at KCC Food Court. Food Courts have been travelers go to place when travelling, other than the known fast food chains. However, if you're in a tight budget you may want to visit some Carenderia. But food safety should always be considered first. Here's what we had for dinner. It's not really a Gensan delicacy but it's satisfying for a very hungry traveller! 

What did you have for dinner?

Christmas Is In The Air at General Santos City

We arrived in General Santos at around 5 o;clock in the afternoon, we head straight to our Pension House to leave our stuff and rest for a few minutes before we scout for dinner.

We chose to drop by SunCity Suites where the Blogfest Soccskargen 2.0 will be held for us and our driver to familiarize the place and maybe dine at the nearest restaurant.

Christmas is indeed in the air. When we reached SunCity Suites here's what welcomed us.

Unfortunately the Jo's Chicken Inato in SunCity is not yet open, we had to look for another one. We head to KCC Mall for dinner.

General Santos City's Cute Pedicabs

I really find it interesting that I did pose for a picture. Because of this from now on, I will be taking pictures of the pedicabs in every place I visit.

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