My First Bohol Trip

Bohol has a significant place in my heart. My first step in Bohol was June of 2007 and ever since then I have been coming back  to Bohol.

I had a very good impression with Bohol and the Boholanos, during my first trip I was lucky to be with the right people. I was with a Boholana team mate "Lily" from Convergys and their CVG Barkada, hmmm I was a "kuyog baboy" then. lols...

Photo by Randy Quina

When we arrived Tagbilaran, we were picked up by her family and registered tour guide who is also a family friend. We immediately had a tour around Bohol. Before the whole tour started, the tour guide welcomed us (the guests) in Bohol and sang Bohol's Hymn, which is so lovely. As a first timer, I was so impressed with how the tour guide welcomed us... indeed it was a warm welcome from a Boholano. I feel so special then, I was happy I was being treated like a real tourist, which I hope everyone would experience. 

We've been to many places of Bohol and toured every tourists destinations in Bohol and in Panglao Island, stopped by in every old Catholic Churches and pose in every panoramic view.

Indeed I enjoyed a lot. One thing I didn't enjoy that much during that visit was the Panglao Beach. I mean I know they're lovely! white sand and clear waters, yet I couldn't deep in it because I have my monthly period. Yeah panira masyado. lols.. That's why before I left Bohol the next day, I told myself,"I'll come back.. humanda!".

MEMORABLE PEOPLE I've met during the trip:

Who would have thought that Lily's aunt is the trainer of the famous LOBOC Boys Choir? Oh yes, during our visit we stopped by their house and met her aunt. Of course, it's a once in a lifetime experience so we had her play multiple songs before going to another tourist destination. :)

MEMORABLE FOOD I tasted the first t ime:

The Carabao skin chicharon! hmmm it taste good. hehe

Try also the Ice cream at the butterfly garden, it's yummy. 


visit the old and big churches of Bohol

The famous blood compact site 
Hinagdanan cave and the famous Santino pose! Lols

Chocolate Hills

Walk at the famous hanging bridge

Visit the giant snake named "PRUNI", the Butterfly Garden and the tarsiers

have lunch or dinner at the loboc river cruise and boholanos will serenade you with music

enjoy the white beach at Panglao Island Bohol

It's not the cheapest resort in town but the cheapest beach front resort though. :)

So there that's my first Bohol trip. I'll post another bohol experience soon :)

The Singles for Christ will hold its International Leaders Conference this February 2012 in Bohol. I hope this post would excite you guys! I hope to be there again soon. 

Ciao til the next post - purpleslipperz

Have you been here guys? Share us your experience... :)

Photo Credits: Some photos used were taken by Randy Quina, Deo Manuel Nacianceno and me :)


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