Bukidnon: Dahilayan Adventure Park

A good friend of mine invited me for a trip to Dahilayan, Bukidnon. Since I haven't been there yet, I joined them to experience the outdoor thrill of Dahilayan Adventure Park.

If you'll visit their website, you will see a country like view while experiencing extreme adventures in Dahilayan. So they day came and friends from my MBM Class joined the pack. ILPI Managers where with us too. We were scheduled to leave Iligan City around 6:00 am, but due to factors beyond my control, our van left at almost 7:00 am. They picked me up at Barinaut, Iligan City and when I entered the car I can smell conflict (lols).

We reached Cagayan de Oro at around 9:35am, we stopped by in one of the Gasoline Stations somewhere Gusa, CDO to stretch some muscles,  bathroom use and a few bought some water and food supplies.

I'm maybe very excited that I couldn't sleep while travelling. I know it is not advised but I do usually sleep when on the road. Why? because I easily get dizzy when my eyes are so busy.

So we reached Dahilayan at almost 11:00 am. When I step out of the car, the cold breeze greeted me. Hmmm indeed welcome to Bukidnon!


The Sculptured animals spread all over the pine tree park is cool, from the tiny ones to giant figures. It's as if I backtrack 20 years coz I seemed to act like a 7 year or 5 year old kid super excited to have pictures with them. hehe

The Picnic park has tables available for rent, you can choose between covered ones or the open tables. However, since the area is on top of the mountain, it's usually cold and it rains that often.  

The Dahilayan Adventure Park is known for it's longest dual zipline, that's around 840 m long  and 100 meters drop.It's the Asia's Longest Dual Zipline! It's surely an adrenaline rush. I took the all zip ride for Php 600.00. They also have zipline and water rafting package for Php 900.00. As much as I wanted to , my co-trippers are not into it, and we didn't bring any extraclothes for it, so I'm definitely going back to try the water rafting of Dahilayan.


We packed our own food when we went there,but if you don't feel like bringing a packed lunch, Dahilayan Resto is available to cater your food needs. The prices are reasonable, the coffee is good and the sweet corn is indeed sweet.

Sweet corn is one of the crops that is grown by the native farmers of Bukidnon. You better try one and bring a kilo or 2 when you go home. It's a good buy and the prices are friendly.

If you plan to stay overnight at the park, they have cabins of different sizes that caters you and your group needs.

Grab photos from dahilayanadventurepark.com


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