Asia's Longest Dual Zipline @ Dahilayan Bukidnon

Ever since I had my very first zipline experience in Cebu (Dose Pares) , I have been a daredevil wanting to try each and every zipline facility. If you'd ask me which ones from the ones I tried out has the smoothest landing, friendly and accommodating crew, good facilities and probably the cheapest? Just ask me, I can name it. That's why when a good friend of mine, Darlene, asked me to zip with her at Dahilayan, without second thoughts I said Yes.

So we were picked up by a 4x4 car, passengers board in and up we went. We passed people enjoying the ATV drive. The car went up the mountain,it's one of the scary rides i had. I feel like being thrown off anytime I loose a grip on my chair. It was a rough road but I was happy and excited when we reached the jump off point.

The 840 meters Dahilayan Adventure Park's Zipline is the Asia's Longest Dual Zipline. That’s 4,700 feet above sea level. Dual Zipline because you'll zip in two's. You will be in a "superman" position, head down. So when you zip you'll see the trees beneath you, flying from one mountain to the other. You'll be given instructions before you zip, You must listen to them for safety and also for you to enjoy your trip. If you're quiet heavy like moi, they'll give you a plastic thingy that you have to put on your hands, this is to catch air so that you won't go so fast and reach the other end in less than a minute, hehehehe. You need to spread your wings I mean hands while zipping to counter the air and slow you down, however, when you are almost near the end, a block will hit the gear above you which signals for a halt, by then you need to place your hands on your side and bow your head for a smooth landing.

see that green thingy? hehehe nice to be in the air 

It is very important that you bow your head and put your hands on your side to prevent impact on landing. Not doing it may hurt your neck and break your limbs.

Ziplining is indeed not for everyone. Only those who have brave hearts and courageous minds who dares to do such daredevil extreme adventures. And I conquered Asia's Longest Dual Zipline.

tada!!! certificates!
If you're not brave enough to try the 840 meter zip, don't worry you can try Dahilayan Adventure Park's Family Zip Zone for 250.00 pesos and zip on their 320m and 150m zip zones.

840 m Zipline - Php 500.00
320m and 150m Zip - Php 250.00
All Zip Package - Php 600.00
Zipline Certificates + 1 Photo - Php 150.00
Additional Zipline Photo - Php 50.00 each

For Bookings:
Look For: JESSA
Mobile : 0922.880.1319

Have you tried Ziplining at Dahilayan? How was the experience?

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  1. wow, that looks amazing and exciting!Hope I could visit this place soon:) Nice photos:)

    1. Thank You Barefoot Venus! Visit the place soon. You'll surely love it :)


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