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Iligan City Hosting Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011

Mindanao Bloggers Summit is a yearly gathering of Mindanao based bloggers. It started in Davao City last 2008, where the 1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit was held.

This year, the baby but optimistic society of Iligan Bloggers Society Inc. took the challenge of hosting the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011! The IBS Core was approached by the Chamber of Commerce of Iligan City to host the Mindanao Bloggers Summit this year. After few meetings, the date was set and so the hectic schedule of the preparation begun.

5 more days to go, and 100 bloggers from all over the Philippines will gather and experience Iligan City.

I hope you guys can join us in Iligan City. It will be in Celadon Pensionne House Function Hall San Miguel Village Pala-o Iligan City on October 29, 2011. We have prepared 100 slots for bloggers and non-bloggers who wish to celebrate the event with us in making "One Green Mindanao : Mobilizing Bloggers to Promote Sustainable Lifestyle" realized.

We have prepared a lot of …

BIGGS DINER | Pili, Camsur

Feb 14, 2011 I was travelling with my sister Eunice from Manila to Naga. Due to the massive turbulence of the plane while descending to the Port of Naga my stomach got upset. So we asked a local where we can stay  and rest for a while, while waiting for Ate Emyat, who’s scheduled to arrive 12:40 in the afternoon. Yup we waited for almost 5 hours for her because she’s the one who has contact for our host hehe.

When we get there I was so happy to see that they have FREE WIFI ACCESS. Well for online workers like me, having free WIFI is the best (hehe) because I can save SMARTBRO Plug-it minutes (wehehehe). So any way, BIGGS Diner is the largest fastfood chains in the BICOL region as how they claim it and you can basically see BIGGS almost in every streets of NAGA City. Well, the BIGGS that we’ve been to is in PILI, Camsur well definitely within the BICOL Region.
BIGGS has a western feel; I could imagine the ambiance like that of a country style resto. You’ll see pictures of Marilyn Monr…
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