Iligan Timoga | Dela Mar Spring Pool

That's my sister. Taken during her swimming training as an athlete for their school (Iligan SPED Center) They practice everyafternoon if they have a competition scheduled. But they regularly swim  7am to 9am Saturdays and Sundays under the Supervision of Coach Ning Ning
The 2 lower left pictures is a 16 feet deep pool. It also has a short and tall diving board 
The lower left and upper right picture is a pool of Mimars Swimming Pools viewed from Dela Mars stairs going up to the 16 ft deep pool area.

+ Water in the pool is fresh spring water. Expect it to be cold or super cold. hehe
+ Locals are not used to women wearing full swimming attire (2 piece bikinis or even swimsuits).
+ T-shirt and shorts is the usual swimming get up ( telling you this so as not to culture shock yourself! :P)
+ They don't cater and they don't have a restaurant inside, if you wanted to order food you need to buy them outside and bring them in.
+ It's a wet picnic place, and everything in here is cowboy type. They don't have rooms to check in, if you're not from Iligan you can check in to the lodging houses and hotels available within the city proper. 

+ Jeepney Fare : Iligan City Proper - Buru-un (Timoga Spring Pool) = Php 12.00
+ Entrance Fee: 50.00 per person
Opening Cottages : Ranges from Php 250.00 - Php 500.00
+ Table Rental : Php 60.00 - Php 100.00
How to get there?
+ Ride a Buru-un Line Jeepney and tell the driver to drop you off Dela Mar Spring Pool or simply say Timoga. :)
+ Private Vehicles: Just  drive through along Macapagal Avenue passing by Maria Cristina bridge and Timoga Spring pools.
+ Taxi : (not recommended) Iligan City taxi drivers are not using metered taxis, it depends on the price agreed with the driver, that's why I don't personally recommend it.

What to Bring?
+ Swimming gears and swim suits or clothes. (The locals are not used to women wearing bikini's, 2 pc and trunks) Highly recommended to wear swimming shorts and tank top for women most specially if you're swimming during the weekends.
+ Food most specially if your looking for a halal food. Most food available sold outside are lechon (Roasted Pig) and lechon manok (Roasted Chicken) and hanging rice. If you prefer other kind, better bring them.
+ Drinks, although they sell softdrinks and other finger foods, it's a bit expensive compared to buying it through a grocery store. However, if you are used to dining in beach resorts, the prices here are still cheaper.

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