Iligan City | "The water falls with no name" (yet?)

August 29, 2011 Afternoon I had a waterfalls adventure with Bro Poloy and Sis Jacqueline at Dalipuga. We are heading to 3 waterfalls that afternoon.

Dalipuga Falls

We first passed  by Dalipuga Falls, but didn't actually care to test the waters since there are people enjoying the place and we're thinking of heading immediately to the next one since the sky already showed his signal that rain showers might fall at any moment.

So from the Dalipuga falls, we climb a short steep rock wall and head to the second falls. 10 minute of walk we reached this green lushes which i thought was like that of a sound of music scene.. (♫♫ the hills are alive with the sound of music♫♫) hehe alright so we had to literally pass two (2)  to three (3) mountains for an up and down trail to reach the second waterfalls.

I checked with the city tourism and even Mr. Explore Iligan 9200 about the name of this falls but they are not quite familiar with it. If you ask the local, they still call it Pampam falls.

But wait, this ain't Pampam falls yet. Pam pam falls is actually above this falls. So what could be the name of this? hmmm if they would allow me, I'd love to name it IBS Falls "Iligan Bloggers Society Falls" hehe. This is not Kalubihon Falls too because Kalubihon Falls is said to be inside a cave. Which is a trail way up the Pampam Falls. Well, I hope I can name it after IBS, wew that's history.

Do you happen to know the name of this falls? Please do leave a comment and I'd be very happy to update the post and give you a credit for it. 

How To Get Here?

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+ to Iligan City
+ from Iligan City to Dalipuga
PUBLIC: Ride a Dalipuga line Jeepney and tell the driver to drop you off at the Dalipuga Checkpoint. It's the next "kanto" after the KALUBIHON Entrance.
+ Ride a tri-sikad to bring you to the starting point of trek for the Dalipuga Falls. Just tell the driver that you are heading to the Dalipuga Falls. You will actually pass by the underconstruction  (New) Dalipuga Brgy Hall and a covered court. + TAXI - up to Dalipuga drop off only. No metered taxi in Iligan most of the time it's as agreed with the driver. (not advisable)
PRIVATE CAR: Turn right to Dalipuga Checkpoint/Waitingshed after the KALUBIHON ENTRANCE.
+ You can ask a local to accompany you for free or with a fee. To be safe, you can contact me and I'll point you to the right direction. (I would love to roam around with you too :D )
+ Follow your instinct. Just follow the narrow path that will lead you to the Dalipuga Falls.
+ from Dalipuga Falls - climb up the rock wall and follow the narrow path going up hill. Make sure to bring a local with you who's very familiar with the trail. Although it's not that far from the city but Telecommunication signals in this area is not that strong to call someone in case you got lost or in case of emergencies.

EXPENSES (per person):
+ Jeepney Fare : Php 15.00 (from the city proper)
+ Tri-Sikad: Php 5.00

+ If you plan to swim, bring extra clothes.
+ If you want to stay for quiet sometime for lunch, bring packed lunch as there are no stores in the area.
+ Always bring emergency kits and always be safe, since you are open to the wild.
+ Respect local beliefs
+ Share a food with your local tour guide.
+ Bring drinking water, unless you'd like to drink the water from the water falls, which i super don't recommend. :)
+ Gadgets for documentation (camera)
+ Wear a good working slipper or shoes, which ever is comfortable for you.


  1. Hey! :) Sinama po kita sa Blogroll ko :) I've been reading your blog for months already so I decided to make a blogroll :)

    Eto yung link:

    Yun lang po :) Happy blogging :) God bless! :)

  2. If Tinago Falls is " Hidden Falls " , maybe this one could be " Secret falls " . It makes you wonder how many little or unknown falls there really might be.

    Even thought this one may not be as big and dramatic as some of the better known ones, the water beneath the falls still looks cool and refreshing.

    Iligan City

    Simply Amazing !

    Bob New York

  3. Hello Biboy Ordinario,

    Thank you so much for that. I'll surely add you in my list. Keep on reading! Maayong Iligan!

  4. @Bob NY

    Yup that's true, it's cold and although the area looks smaller, the water is deep. :)

  5. have you heard about Kamadahan Falls?

  6. Hello ghervs,

    Yup I did. But I haven't been there. Do you happen to know how to get there? or is it this falls?


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