Iligan City | Pampam Falls

After testing the waters of "the falls with no name (yet!?)" I saw another waterfalls just a meters away. I pointed to that direction and Bro Poloy said it's Pampam falls

Pampam Falls

The trail going to Pampam falls from the falls with no name, is quiet slippery and the presence of fallen branches of trees along the way is an evidence that  it is not that visited and not disturb by humans.

Pampam falls is known for it's skull like structure. The waters falling from the forehead passing by the eye socket like figure then to the nose ridge and eventually fall from the upper jaw like structure then to the water basin. Hmmmm I apologize with that kind of creepy description. hehehe The water is cold and seeing water sriders in the waters is a good implication that the water is not polluted. Just be careful with big mosquitoes though so it's quiet advisable for you to put on some insect repellants if you plan to stay a bit longer. 

So this is the 3rd falls that you would be able to see if you'll walk the same trail we had starting from the Dalipuga Check point. From Pampam Falls we exited the area heading Kalubihon. It's quiet a 20 - 30 min walk towards Kalubihon Elementary School. During our walk we took quiet a while going back to the civilization because we're all quiet unfamiliar with the place going to Kalubihon Elementary School. We just trusted our instincts and follow the foot trail along the way. Good thing we passed by a Manong and confirmed with us that we are heading the right one. 

From Kalubihon Elementary School we waited for a Jeepney that would bring us down and to the City Proper. We were all wet when we rode the jeepney good thing it's not full or else other passengers would complain because we're wet. hehehe


* From The Falls with no name yet?!  (2nd Falls) head north about 10 to 15  meters away and you'll see Pampam Falls.

+ Pampam Falls is 13km away from the City
+ Around 4-5ft in depth.
+ Can be accessed through Kalubihon Drop off point (Kalubihon Elementary School) or From Dalipuga Check point passing Dalipuga Falls and the falls with no name. 

What others say about Pampam Falls?


  1. Wow! Iligan City is really rich in majestic waterfalls :) Because of your entries I am obliged to include this place in my travel wishlist for next year :) Thank you for sharing :)

    Biboy Fotograpiya

  2. You're oh so welcome Biboy! Thanks for that compliment *blushing*. Don't forget to ping me when you get here! :)

    There are still a lot within the city, but these ones are the easiest to access, with no entrance fees. hehe


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