Iligan City | Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House

August 30, 2011, after our (me and my little sis) swimming class, we head immediately to Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House. I was actually able to visit every corner of the place last August 7, 2011. However, the pictures I took during the tour was not good enough to share and somewhere actually accidentally deleted, I decided to dedicate a time after our swimming classes taking pictures inside the Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House

Back view

Ever since it was widely opened to the public, Iligan City Tourism already took over maintenance and management of the place. 

The structure you see is found on the left side of the area. These are new structures that were already constructed by the Iligan City Tourism. It's a function hall for events
So here's a glimpse of what to expect there:

Left: That's Gloria's Playhouse  Right: metal chairs and table under the Mango tree

Found just before the main door of the house is the office of former President Diosdado Macapagal.
Left Picture: view from the right side of the house.  Upper Right: Is a kitchen area, new structure. Lower Right: A dining table, this is the first thing you will see when you enter the house accessing it after Gloria's Playhouse.

The Dining area inside the house and the decorations surrounding it.
Guest Receiving area or commonly called as "sala".

Found at the right before the guest receiving area.

Left: Porcelain Jars and Glass walls, It will greet you as soon as you climb up the stairs. The altar on the right greets you as you reach the 2nd floor.
Gloria's Bedroom, left from the stairs
2nd bedroom found at the center

3rd and biggest bedroom, right side from stairs
The Kitchen Area

Area for socials at the back of the house
The Gate of Narnia. Lols...hehe to access the spring at the back
Sculpture of the Former Presidents bonding moments
The Halls at the Left Side

Taken During our visit with the MBM class. This is the accommodation hall found on the left aspect of the old house. They do accept group bookings here to accommodate guests. 

+ Jeepney Fare: Iligan City Proper - Buru-un (Timoga Spring Pool) = Php 12.00
+ Entrance Fee: Free

How to get there?
+ Ride a Buru-un Line Jeepney and tell the driver to drop you off Macapagal Ancestral House. :)
+ Private Vehicles: Just drive through along Macapagal Avenue passing by Maria Cristina Bridge and Timoga Spring Pools.
+ Taxi: (not recommended) Iligan City taxi drivers are not using metered taxis, it depends on the price agreed with the driver, that's why I don't personally recommend it.

Itinerary Suggestion:
So that you'll have a "sulit trip" before you go swimming at Timoga Spring Pools, you can pass by the Macapagal Ancestral house first and have a glimpse of the now considered historical home, take a tour and take great pictures there.

NOTE: The house is closed for Pre-Nup and Wedding pics which means it's not allowed unless you book the place for the reception or party.

Yes, they do accept party reservations. Just coordinate with the Iligan City Tourism. They do have rooms and apartments for rent within the vicinity.

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