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It was one fine Monday afternoon when suddenly me and some friends from Singles for Christ (SFC) went on waterfalling.  I message Bro Poloy on Tuesday night if his available for the said adventure and accompany me and some friends from the MBM (Masters in Business Management ) Class to visit the falls in Dalipuga. Without any hesitation or could be forced by the circumstance, Bro Poloy agreed to join me as a guide for the waterfalls adventure.


We'll I missed the adventure with PinayTravelista, Travel Jams and The Iligan Inquisitor. They went waterfalling when I was in Cagayan de Oro to visit my Aunt. And yes, because I was so curious what it looks like and envious about it, out of nowhere during the long weekend, i tagged along some friends for waterfalling.


It was 2:30 PM when we started the trek to the Dalipuga falls from the Dalipuga Checkpoint. The area happens to be most visited by the locals of Dalipuga, the 3rd easiest to visit water falls in Iligan City (Ma. Cristina would be the first and Mimbalut Falls would be the second). You don't actually have to climb mountains and spend a day trekking for you to arrive at the falls.

After around 20 to 25 minutes of walking we arrived at the so called Dalipuga Falls. There were actually a lot of people there, during our visit. A group of friends enjoying the cold waters of Dalipuga Falls and there were families having fun too.

We didn't really stayed that long and swim in it's mini basin like structure filled with water, coz we are heading to the other 2 waterfalls within the area.

The presence of plastic wastes and burnt wood and charcoal is an indication that a lot of people are already visiting the place. We'll I just hope that they would be responsible enough not to leave their waste most specially plastics in the area to keep the area naturally clean.  Just like what we mountaineers have as a motto "Leave nothing but footprints, Take nothing but pictures".

As a biologist, it is best that we preserve the natural resources that we have, maintain it's structure and take care of it's surroundings so that the young ones of today and the future young ones would still see and witness the beauty of not on ly the waterfalls but of course the beautiful and majestic world that we live in.


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+ PUBLIC: Ride a Dalipuga line Jeepney and tell the driver to drop you off at the Dalipuga Checkpoint. It's the next "kanto" after the KALUBIHON Entrance.
+ Ride a tri-sikad to bring you to the starting point of trek for the Dalipuga Falls. Just tell the driver that you are heading to the Dalipuga Falls. You will actually pass by the underconstruction  (New) Dalipuga Brgy Hall and a covered court.
+ PRIVATE CAR: Turn right to Dalipuga Checkpoint/Waitingshed after the KALUBIHON ENTRANCE.
+ You can ask a local to accompany you for free or with a fee. To be safe, you can contact me and I'll point you to the right direction. (I would love to roam around with you too :D )
+ Follow your instinct. Just follow the narrow path that will lead you to the Dalipuga Falls.

EXPENSES (per person):
+ Jeepney Fare : Php 15.00 (from the city proper)
+ Tri-Sikad: Php 5.00

+ If you plan to swim, bring extra clothes.
+ If you want to stay for quiet sometime for lunch, bring packed lunch as there are no stores in the area.
+ Always bring emergency kits and always be safe, since you are open to the wild.
+ Respect local beliefs
+ Share a food with your local tour guide.
+ Bring drinking water, unless you'd like to drink the water from the water falls, which i super don't recommend. :)
+ Gadgets for documentation (camera)
+ Wear a good working slipper or shoes, which ever is comfortable for you.

Have you been to Dalipuga Falls? Share your experience here and leave a comment.


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