Diyandi Festival | Street Dancing

Last September 27, 2011 me and few of the Iligan Bloggers went to the streets of Iligan to witness the Street Dancing. It's history because it's Jam's first time out of her 26 years in existence in this world to witness the Street Dancing. lols peace Jam!

We agreed to meet 7am in Jollibee Aguinaldo, but I was already caught with the crowd and text brigade everyone to hauler along Quezon Avenue because the Street Dancing already started. When I arrive the contingents were already in front of the Cathedral Church. We walk our way to the old Iligan Day Inn building were the contestants perform in front of a judge.

There were a lot of spectators in the streets I couldn't work my way out to be in front, too bad media badge were not available that time. As much as we wanted to go to the Buhanginan Hills Amphitheater to witness the final showdown, I got a call from Sir Pat of Tourism to go to Dunkin Donuts Quezon Avenue and meet with the media.

Although Jam's divirginization was half baked, since it's not a full coverage of that specific event, we were happy to meet a lot of people in the streets who advocates positively promoting Iligan City. 

There are 5 contingents who fought for championship and Lanao del Sur contingents won the bait.


  1. so i-announce ang devirginization process? hihihi... yes na lang sa pagka-dayuhan sa sariling bayan. charotera! haha...

  2. uu hahaha... para di murag news article madam. hahaha you know na! lols

  3. i love it . i hope next year i get to join and experience iligan...

  4. Thanks for the visit Chino!. I hope to see you this Oct 29 2011 for Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011. registered kana? dito ka register... hehehe see you :)


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