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Diyandi Festival | Street Dancing

Last September 27, 2011 me and few of the Iligan Bloggers went to the streets of Iligan to witness the Street Dancing. It's history because it's Jam's first time out of her 26 years in existence in this world to witness the Street Dancing. lols peace Jam!

We agreed to meet 7am in Jollibee Aguinaldo, but I was already caught with the crowd and text brigade everyone to hauler along Quezon Avenue because the Street Dancing already started. When I arrive the contingents were already in front of the Cathedral Church. We walk our way to the old Iligan Day Inn building were the contestants perform in front of a judge.

There were a lot of spectators in the streets I couldn't work my way out to be in front, too bad media badge were not available that time. As much as we wanted to go to the Buhanginan Hills Amphitheater to witness the final showdown, I got a call from Sir Pat of Tourism to go to Dunkin Donuts Quezon Avenue and meet with the media.

Although Jam's divirginiza…

Crisven Fried Chicken

Location: The Strip, Pala-o Iligan City 9200

Specialty: Fried Chicken

Iligan Timoga | Dela Mar Spring Pool


Iligan City | Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House

August 30, 2011, after our (me and my little sis) swimming class, we head immediately to Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House. I was actually able to visit every corner of the place last August 7, 2011. However, the pictures I took during the tour was not good enough to share and somewhere actually accidentally deleted, I decided to dedicate a time after our swimming classes taking pictures inside the Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House

Ever since it was widely opened to the public, Iligan City Tourism already took over maintenance and management of the place. 

So here's a glimpse of what to expect there:

Gloria's Bedroom, left from the stairs

[IBS ACTIVITY] Iligan Bloggers Society | Blogging 101

You'll Learn all of these ;

(1) Overview of blogging
(2) Online Article Writing
(3) Basic Web Design
(4) Travel Blogging
(5) Basic Photography and Photoblog


Hurry we have limited slots available. Pre-register here.

[Events] “Cine Mo” First Tatak RMN Film Fest Entries

For a full list of Official Entries and Synopsis Click here

Cast Your Votes:


CINEMO *space*POLL*space* LETTER OF CHOICE send to 9977
A. ColeinB. JosephC. PangandoyD. RaketE. SaisF. Ska Bu (Ikaw Ra)G. Tata: Ang Bulahang BataCine Mo (1st Tatak RMN FilmFest) Awards Night 
When? September 24 , 2011Time? 5:00PM-8:00PM Where? Elena Tower InnFor Tickets and Inquiries:

2 2 1 - 2 6 9 1 
0 9 2 6 9 1 2 1 0 1 6
0 9 0 5 1 6 3 7 1 7 5

Tickets are sold at IFM and DXIC Stations for only 40 pesos. Showing until September 10

Iligan City | Pampam Falls

After testing the waters of "the falls with no name (yet!?)" I saw another waterfalls just a meters away. I pointed to that direction and Bro Poloy said it's Pampam falls

The trail going to Pampam falls from the falls with no name, is quiet slippery and the presence of fallen branches of trees along the way is an evidence that  it is not that visited and not disturb by humans.
Pampam falls is known for it's skull like structure. The waters falling from the forehead passing by the eye socket like figure then to the nose ridge and eventually fall from the upper jaw like structure then to the water basin. Hmmmm I apologize with that kind of creepy description. hehehe The water is cold and seeing water sriders in the waters is a good implication that the water is not polluted. Just be careful with big mosquitoes though so it's quiet advisable for you to put on some insect repellants if you plan to stay a bit longer. 

So this is the 3rd falls that you would be able …

Iligan City | "The water falls with no name" (yet?)

August 29, 2011 Afternoon I had a waterfalls adventure with Bro Poloy and Sis Jacqueline at Dalipuga. We are heading to 3 waterfalls that afternoon.

We first passed  by Dalipuga Falls, but didn't actually care to test the waters since there are people enjoying the place and we're thinking of heading immediately to the next one since the sky already showed his signal that rain showers might fall at any moment.

So from the Dalipuga falls, we climb a short steep rock wall and head to the second falls. 10 minute of walk we reached this green lushes which i thought was like that of a sound of music scene.. (♫♫ the hills are alive with the sound of music♫♫) hehe alright so we had to literally pass two (2)  to three (3) mountains for an up and down trail to reach the second waterfalls.

I checked with the city tourism and even Mr. Explore Iligan 9200 about the name of this falls but they are not quite familiar with it. If you ask the local, they still call it Pampam falls.

But wait, this …

[EVENTS] Project Angel Tree Launching!

Ber Month is here! Though the season of gift giving is said to be in December, the spirit of Christmas should stay all year round. 

So, I would like to personally invite everyone for the launching of  Project Angel Tree on September 3. 2011 5:00 PM at the Iligan City Rizal Park.

Project Angle Tree is a community outreach program through gift-giving for the 10,000 less fortunate children. The target beneficiaries are the preschoolers within the city. 

Project Angle Tree aims to gather/collect;

toysclothingfoodschool supplies, etc for the identified beneficiaries. The donors will be acknowledged as "Angels" ,during the Grand Launching and the Grand Distribution and Culmination will be on October 2011 in line with Children's month Celebration
Project Angel Tree is categorized into 5 categories (such as but not limited to the ff); Toys for Joy (Toys)Yummy for the Tummy (Food)Keep Me Safe and Warm (Clothing, Medicines)MY ABC and 123 (educational Supplies)Save Me a Dream (Scholars…

[EVENTS] Iligan City | Dyandi Festival 2011

It's Officially ber month and in Iligan City September is a month of celebration. Iligan City celebrates it's fiesta celebration for the whole month of September. It is the only City that holds a month-long celebration of Dyandi Festival
Today, the flea market and Carnival will officially open, the locals usually call it "Mugna sa Iligan" although it's no longer officially called Mugna but since it has been accustomed by many, now even the new generation of Iliganons call it Mugna.
So here's a glimpse of the scheduled Activities for the month long celebration of Iligan City's "Dyandi Festival".

September 1:
8:00AM  - 6th Regional Annual Convention of Guidance Counselors (Iligan Medical Center College)
3:00PM  - Press Conference - Diyandi Festival (Celadon Hotel-Pal-o)
5:00PM  - Motorcade (Celadon to Rizal Park) 6:00PM  - Festival Launching (Rizal Park) 6:00PM  - 2011 Search for Male Pop Star and Female Star Power (Rizal Park)
September 2:
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