Tourism Triangle: Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco Park

The 2nd stop for the Iligan City Toursim Triangle is the Iligan Paradise Resort. But the third stop of our tour. It's located just above the Mimbalut Falls, Buru-un Iligan City. Owned and Managed by the Gerona Family, one of the dominating families here in Iligan City. 

Iligan Paradise Resort was publicly opened October of 2010, and have undergone a lot of improvements since then.  There are a lot of activities available for every member of the family. Highly recommended for family recreation.  So let me highlight some for you.


That's me and PinayTravelista
Photo credit: Alingatong of Explore Iligan 9200

They have 2 types of zipline; the Harness Zip and the superman zip. You will be transported in two's crossing from one cliff to the other. And I should stress this, of all the zip line facilities i've tried so far, they have the smoothest landing and it really impressed me. Prior to coming here in Iligan Paradise the group where from NPC and zipped 5 times but Iligan Paradise's zipline landing is quiet different, possibly because of it's short distance but then again highly recommended!

Rate:  P110 per person for harness zip; P130 per person for superman zip

Euro Bungee Trampoline

A pose with Mr. Jopet Gerona
Photo credit: Alingatong of Explore Iligan 9200

Yes, Iligan Paradise and Eco park houses the first Euro bungee facility in town or could be in Mindanao (I need to make a further research about that by the way).The Euro Bungee is best experienced by those who weigh 65 kls and below, although it can still carry the heavier ones, like me, the optimal experience is not attained, as it won't bounce you up to the highest point. And by saying that, I know I must loose weight to really experience it. 
The Euro Bungee Trampoline
Photo Credit: Alingatong of Explore Iligan 9200

There was a drizzle when we went there, and when it's raining Euro Bungee can't operate not because it won't throw you up but simply because the rubber will go weak easily in time. So when you go there and wanted to try it out, make sure it's not raining. This facility is quiet expensive and safety is at most important.

How does it work? With bungee trampoline, you will put on a harness, which is connected to a number of bungee ropes or rubbers.  These rubbers are attached to poles, reaching about 15 feet above the trampoline platform. (

Rate:  P120 per person for a 3-minute adrenaline rush

Children's Play Ground:

Swing... seesaw...slides... and a lot more...
Photo credit: Alingatong of Explore Iligan 9200

Little children can still play at the children's play ground, even the young at hearts can, just like what we did. It feels good to play around like a child. So if you have young ones with you, they can definitely enjoy the Children's Play Ground, same with others who are not as dare devils as we do. 

Rate: Free

Cable Car Ride 

In a cable car ride, you just relax and sit comfortably while enjoying the aerial view of the falls as you move from one point to another.  You can ride solo, in pair, or in groups of three to four. This ride is  slow moving from one point to another for almost 2 minutes. The aerial view of the Mimbalut Falls is so lovely compared to staring at it from the foot of the Mimbalut falls.

Here are few shots of Mimbalut Falls from the Cable Car.
Lovely right? That's the Mimbalut Falls
Photo Credit: Alingatong of Explore Iligan 9200

Rate: P110 per person 

ATV Rental

Grabbed from:

ATV means an all-terrain vehicle, also known as a quad, quad bike, three wheeler, or four wheeler, is defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a vehicle that travels on low pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the operator, along with handlebars for steering control. (Wikipedia)

I haven'tried it when we were there but it's one of the facilities they have to roam around the area of Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco Park. 

Rate: 200 for 30 minutes.

Swimming Pool and Kayak

Swimming pool is available for everyone. Just like the Timoga Spring pools it's flowing therefore the water is not stagnant. You can also enjoy kayaking inside the pool.

Rate Swimming Pool - FREE
Rates for Kayaking:
1 seater - 110 per hour
2 seater - 120 per hour
3 seater - 130 per hour

If you're not a stunt man wanna be or a dare devil individual, you're an expectant mother, or you could be suffering from aches ( come on mention it lols), or you have a heart problem or could be your just not into it, you can still enjoy the sweet breeze and fresh air under their cottages as you watch your family and friends dare adventures. Or simply just be in the arms of your love one and commune with nature.

Cottage Rates:
Hut Rental - Ranges from 150 to 250 pesos.

They don't have cottages for overnight stays yet, but Jopet said they are working on it. 

Entrance Fee:
Adult:  P25
Kids:   P15

Business Hours:
Mon - Sun 8:0 am-5:00 pm

Some info were grabbed from TravelJams


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