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Coffeworks has been opened for months now, thanks to that low power voltage I had the chance to hop for coffee shops for the sole reason of getting an unlimited WIFI.

The work station
I am beating a schedule on that day, to meet the demands of a new client. I had to redo everything since the files where already downloaded in the desktop computer and the download link is no longer working. I had to email the client and request for a new download link. These coffee shops are indeed life saver. Unlike in Cebu, where I can sprint to SM for an unlimited WIFI, here in Iligan City our only mall, Gaisano Mall, don't offer such amenity yet. There are a lot of establishments and coffeeshops that are already WIFI zone but only Coffeeworks opens until 12 midnight (as far as I know). I am not really a party person (no longer I should say) and I don't go to clubs to party all night, so maybe in some areas in the City does offer 24/7 WIFI.

CoffeeWorks: marble muffin & cafe mocha
The Coffee is okay having Starbucks and Bo's Coffee as a benchmark. The Customer service is an A+ most specially the cashier on duty during late night. I tried hot Cafe Mocha and I think ditse got hot Choco. The ambiance is good, the music is fine and most of all the sweets are yummy. There are some that doesn't really look delicious but when you taste it it's  yummy. The chocolate desserts are rich. 

And definitely a must try.

In my next visit I'll try the fraps!

I apologize for the quality of the pictures I was only using my china DC. :)
-- til next time...

Highway 30 Building
Roxas Avenue, Brgy. Santiago, Iligan City 9200

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  1. I had read about Coffee Works and the other nice business establishments at the Highway 30 building as they opened during past year or so. On my last visit I stopped in at Coffee Works for some coffee to go, as the nearby fast food franchises had closed for the night. Not being into " designer Coffees " I asked for a regular coffee to go. On the menu Board I believe it is shown as " Amerikano ". Very appropriate I thought since I am from the USA LOL.

    It was late in the evening and the place was quiet. I was kind of in a hurry which was the reason for take out instead of having it there. A quick look around while I was waiting for a short time at the cashiers counter revealed a nice ambience, clean and in good order and " service with a Smile ! " no doubt about that. The contents of the pastry case certainly looked tempting and with such a variety I could not decide so that will be something to look forward to.

    I have read and seen pics of several very nice coffee shops in Iligan, this is the first one I have been to. I will most definitely go to Coffee Works on a future visit and gather more information so I can add it to my Iligan Reviews on Virtual Tourist.

    The coffee ? My benchmark for coffee is, Instant Coffee at home, on the road fast food franchise coffee, gas station coffee, Diner Coffee etc. Just plain coffee although I have tried Starbucks a couple of times but do not frequent them. I was glad I had the forethought to buy two coffees for myself at Coffee Works.

    Although the cost of the coffee I bought at Coffee Works was a few peso more than it would have cost me at a fast food franchise, there are times when you get what you pay for and this was one of those times ! I enjoyed the difference !

    Iligan City

    Simply Amazing !

  2. The Aroma of a coffee is simply irresistible. Hehe thanks Bob


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