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I am proud to say that I have been here for the nth time, not really for the purpose of bragging about it, but because there are Iliganons and that's a lot of people I know who has been living here in all there lives haven't gone to this place and see the beauty of Maria Cristina Falls. Maria Cristina is found in Buru-un, Iligan City. Enclosed within NPC Nature's Park. In the compound you will actually see the Agus 6 and Agus 7 building, where the turbines and generators are that converts energy to Electricity, that supplies the whole Mindanao's electricity.

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That's a Full Blast Water Falls of Maria Cristina right there!... Photo is owned by me


PUBLIC VEHICLE: From the Iligan City Proper you can ride Buru-un Jeepney's (travelling Macapagal Avenue Road using Google Maps) and tell the driver to drop you off Maria Cristina Entrance or Mabuhay Vinyl (Just after the bridge). The jeepney fare from the city is 11.00 pesos *(as of 08.08.2011) From there you can walk your way to the gate, that's about 5 to 10 minute walk I guess. When you reach the gate of NPC Nature Park register with your full name and address and you can add 10.00* pesos and avail shuttle service. The shuttle service will bring you to each area and will pick you up to transfer  you to another parts of the park. 

PRIVATE VEHICLE: From the Iligan City Proper drive along the Macapagal Avenue and turn left after the Maria Cristina Bridge. Drive further you will see NPC Nature Park gate.When you reach the gate of NPC Nature Park register with your full name and address. After Registration and payment you can request for a tour guide to guide you where to go or you can simply follow the signs. When you cross the bridge to reach the mini zoo, it is not advised to stop in between for safety reasons, you are actually crossing a dam holding a current of water under pressure.

TAXI - I do not recommend, however if you prefer, the rates of the TAXI's in Iligan is as agreed with the driver. 

During our tour we borrowed a van to accommodate 11 members of the Iligan Blogger's Society that brought us from one destination to another for that day. 

1. Jeepney - City Proper to Maria Cristina - Php 11.00
2. Shuttle Bus at NPC - Php 10.00

NPC Adventure Park Fees:

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1. Entrance Fee - Php 30.00
2. Zipline - Php 200.00
3. Shoe Rental (if you're not wearing one for zipline) - Php 50.00
4. Gloves (For zipline) - Php 10.00 (you'll only pay this if you're wearing a close shoes)
5. Ma. Cristina Canteen table (if you're not buying something from their menu) a usage fee - Php 20.00 per set of table



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