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[EVENTS] Have you booked Tickets for Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011?

Here's a seat sale treat! Grab your tickets for October 29 to 30, 2011 now!
Book from your point of Origin to Cagayan de Oro Lumbia Airport as Destination And travel by land to Iligan for the Mindanao Blogger Summit 2011. See you all here!!!

[EVENTS] MSU-IIT Palakasan 2011

Tomorrow August 26, 2011 is the opening of the MSU-IIT Palakasan 2011. Hmmm when was the last time I attended Palakasan? come to think of it that was 6 years ago. 
So here I am going back to my campus, as a student but I'll no longer be participating in an event, I'll be there to take some pictures and document. 
Iligan Bloggers Society Members are called to judge some events. So see you there!
Here's the PALAKASAN 2011 Schedule:
Day 1 : Friday August 26, 2011
3:00 pm    Motorcade MSU-IIT starting area
4:30 pm Street Dancing MSU-IIT Campus

Day 2 : Saturday August 27, 2011
7:30am – 4:00pm Games 1 to 4 : Basketball Men & Women    -   MSU-IIT Gym/Twin Court Games 1 to 4 : Volleyball Men & Women     -   CED Area Volleyball Court Games 1 to 4 : Softball Men& Women         -   Softball Field Games 1 to 4 : Futsal Men                           -   Basketball Twin Courts Games 1 to 4 : Lawn Tennis Men & Women  -  MSU-IIT Tennis Courts Games 1 to 4 :…

Tourism Triangle | Tinago Falls

This is the 4th stop of our tour and the 3rd stop for the Tourism Triangle Tour. I have visited Tinago falls for 3 times already, however, that was I guess 10 years ago. So visiting it now, with my current weight and physical built is quiet challenging. 

We arrived in the Tinago drop off point around 4:00 pm and walked our way to where the old Tinago Falls Resort is. Back then, there used to be a pool, mini zoo, playground, and a few vacation houses there, however due to land disputes, it ended up to closure of the entire resort. So there, that's a little background for you. Going back to the topic, A stairway will lead you down to the hidden falls. According to Pinay travelista there are 425 steps going down the ravine. I tried counting it, but as I catch my breath I lost count of it, so I'd rather stick to Pinay Travelista's counting. hehe 
Tinago falls is 13.8km away from the City proper and accessible from Buru-un Iligan City or through Linamon , Lanao del Norte. Tinago…

Coffeeworks - Iligan

Coffeeworks: The Cafe
Coffeeworks Menu Coffeworks has been opened for months now, thanks to that low power voltage I had the chance to hop for coffee shops for the sole reason of getting an unlimited WIFI.
The work station I am beating a schedule on that day, to meet the demands of a new client. I had to redo everything since the files where already downloaded in the desktop computer and the download link is no longer working. I had to email the client and request for a new download link. These coffee shops are indeed life saver. Unlike in Cebu, where I can sprint to SM for an unlimited WIFI, here in Iligan City our only mall, Gaisano Mall, don't offer such amenity yet. There are a lot of establishments and coffeeshops that are already WIFI zone but only Coffeeworks opens until 12 midnight (as far as I know). I am not really a party person (no longer I should say) and I don't go to clubs to party all night, so maybe in some areas in the City does offer 24/7 WIFI.

Iligan City | Mimbalut Falls

This is I think is the falls that has an easiest access of all the 23 water falls in Iligan City. You can probably go there any time, to swim or just simply witness the beauty of Mimbalut Falls.

One of the best things you will enjoy in Mimbalut Falls is that you can easily access the area where the water falls are and there you will enjoy the water massage on your back as the water falls above you. Unlike Maria Cristina Falls, the water current from Mimbalut Falls is not that strong. Or you can just deep yourself in some of the jacuzzi like spots in the area. A Lagoon like feature is also available is you wanted to swim from one point to another.

A lot of lovers do their pre-nup shots here, because it's scenic. You may witness locals doing their laundry on the side. So if you're a traveller who needs free laundry, you can actually laundry your things there, and hang it on the side to dry, while you enjoy the cold waters of Mimbalut Falls.

The beauty of the falls is quiet hard …

Tourism Triangle: Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco Park

The 2nd stop for the Iligan City Toursim Triangle is the Iligan Paradise Resort. But the third stop of our tour. It's located just above the Mimbalut Falls, Buru-un Iligan City. Owned and Managed by the Gerona Family, one of the dominating families here in Iligan City. 
Iligan Paradise Resort was publicly opened October of 2010, and have undergone a lot of improvements since then.  There are a lot of activities available for every member of the family. Highly recommended for family recreation.  So let me highlight some for you.

They have 2 types of zipline; the Harness Zip and the superman zip. You will be transported in two's crossing from one cliff to the other. And I should stress this, of all the zip line facilities i've tried so far, they have the smoothest landing and it really impressed me. Prior to coming here in Iligan Paradise the group where from NPC and zipped 5 times but Iligan Paradise's zipline landing is quiet different, possibly because of it'…

Iligan City | Maria Cristina Falls

I am proud to say that I have been here for the nth time, not really for the purpose of bragging about it, but because there are Iliganons and that's a lot of people I know who has been living here in all there lives haven't gone to this place and see the beauty of Maria Cristina Falls. Maria Cristina is found in Buru-un, Iligan City. Enclosed within NPC Nature's Park. In the compound you will actually see the Agus 6 and Agus 7 building, where the turbines and generators are that converts energy to Electricity, that supplies the whole Mindanao's electricity.


PUBLIC VEHICLE: From the Iligan City Proper you can ride Buru-un Jeepney's (travelling Macapagal Avenue Road using Google Maps) and tell the driver to drop you off Maria Cristina Entrance or Mabuhay Vinyl (Just after the bridge). The jeepney fare from the city is 11.00 pesos *(as of 08.08.2011) From there you can walk your way to the gate, that's about 5 to 10 minute walk I guess. When you…

NPC Nature Park: What to Bring/Preparations

+ Make sure you have enough rest or sleep the day before the trip for you to enjoy and try out all adventure perks NPC Nature park has to offer.

What to Bring:
+ Bring Close shoes to save up Php 50.00 shoe rental fee if you're ziplining.
+ Packed Lunch and/or snacks
+ Gadgets like Camera, Video Cam and others for documentation
+ Face towels
+ Extra Shirt
+ Water water water
+ Your self and a friend/friends/family :)

PurpleSlipperz advice:
Well, everyone knows I'm not physically fit, if you don't? then now you know hehe. So although I'm not physically fit I am so eager to be adventurous and try out everything extreme or quiet extreme for me.

So this advice goes to someone who's like me and even the healthy once;
+ Always always hydrate yourself with water or you can carry with you gatorade just like I do.
+ There are parts of the park that requires walking and quiet a lot of walking so you should be ready for that, if you're not that physically active…

NPC Nature Park: Zip line

After a long wait, finally I was able to try out NPC Nature Park's Zip Line. Zip lining has suddenly became a popular adventure activity now a days. I have been zip lining before so this isn't my very first time, but my first time in NPC Nature Park.

 I was lucky enough that i'm with a bunch of photographers that my every move was documented. There were 5 pit stops or jump off point as I previously mentioned from a previous post. 
Before ziplinning you have to Submit the receipt from the Registration area to the Zipline Registration in-charge, sign a waiver and your weight will be measured for security and safety reasons.
Before you can zip line you need to be wearing a closed shoes, if you're not wearing one they have shoes for rent at Php 50.00 each pair. However, if you are already wearing one you'll only pay Php 10.00 for the rental of the gloves.

Before going up you will be full geared for safety. You will be wearing a harness. A crew will definitely help you out…
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