Madelicious Native Foods

Map Here:
Directions; From Iligan City Public Plaza turn right to Mariano Badellest Street and then turn right again to Madelicious Native Foods.

It has been a favorite destination of the family when it comes to food trip. It's a semi-fine dining restaurant. The food are moderately priced, the restaurant is cool and the service crews are friendly

However if you'll compare it to other semi-fine dining restaurants like Cebu's Hukad (Golden Courie) it's still quiet far from it's ambiance, physical place and even service. But the good thing here is, management has been training there crews quiet well most specially when it comes to customer service.

My personal favorite dish that is being served here is their Sizzling Beef Brisket (Beef with Kangkong) and my all time favorite Calamares (Fried Squid with Batter) (even if I'm allergic).


Beef Brisket


  1. I have constantly heard advertizements for this place even here in New York USA by listening to the worldwide webstream of Iligans DXMA 95.9 FM so it was a no-brainer to put Madelicious Native Foods Restaurant on my list of places to try on my last visit. I had also seen photos of it on the internet for the past several years.

    Many of the Filipino items on restaurant menues are not always familiar to me or, I can not easily remember them at first. Sometimes my Iliganon friends that are with me will inform me of what certain things are. If I see something that I know, for a first time visit to a restaurant I will stay with something familiar so I can get a good comparison of a known item,

    It was a quiet evening when I visited Madelicious Native Foods with some of my Iliganon friends. I remember being very thirsty and when we were asked for beverage orders I couldn't make up my mind so at first I asked for Coca-Cola but changed my mind to Bottled Water, then changed my mind again to Pineapple Juice. When I spotted something with the name " Fruit Cooler " or something like that, it sounded good so once again I changed my mind deciding to try that.

    When the beverages were brought to our table I guess I did not express to the waiter to skip the other beverages I ordered, just get me the Fruit Cooler, I got that plus all of the other beverages I had ordered LOL, well, I did say that I was very thirsty, right ? Not a problem.

    Our food was served a while later. I had the baby rack ribs which were very tastey and I was considering having a second order of them until I thought about the deserts.

    The huge pitcher of the Fruit COoler got the most of my attention even with small chunks of various fruit floating around in it. I asked my friends if they knew if this was something out of a can or bottle and they told me that each pitcher of it was most likely made to order from fresh fruit.

    For many of the restaurants I have been to in Iligan there is usually one item that stands out, or I remember , that make me want to go to that restaurant again and in this case it is the Fruit Cooler.

  2. Cool! Thank Bob! I haven't tried the Fruit Cooler from Madelicious though haven't been there for a while too. I might have to visit them again.

    Greetings from Iligan to New York! Stay Healthy Bob!


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