La Trinidad: Strawberry Plantation

 This is an overdue post. Yeah I don't have a good alibi. But I was really too busy, too occupied or should I say too in love, to think about posting this at that time. Hmmmm that's quiet a nonsense alibi isn't it?

February 16, 2009 on our last day in Baguio, we grab few hours to feel the strawberry plantation of La Trinidad. It's a next town from Baguio City. These is where you can get good prices for strawberry jams and fresh strawberries. If you want to pick it on your own, the farm owners will let you. And then you'll pay for it and take it home. 

We took an FX Taxi and since we're 8 we just cheaped in for the fare. I can no longer remember how much was that though. That was 2 years ago.  

We only spent 45 minutes there since we're trying to catch the 10am bus for Manila. We were already in a rush when we reached Baguio. Good thing we were still able to catch the last 10am bus. wew... or else will miss our plane. Thanks to a responsible colleague who managed to lead some happy go lucky people like us.

That last statement there made me think, I know if I have written and posted this blog at that time, that colleague would have been, "my lover", hehehehehe but then past is past and reality bites!


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