Hindang Falls: The trekk plan

I am a guilty dormant mountain climber, yeah dormant because I haven't climb for more than 7 years and I'm guilty of gaining too much weight. That's why when friends from Iligan Bloggers Society planned for a trek at Hindang cave and Hindang falls, I hesitated to join. But PinayTravelista challenged my egos and so I'm joining.

The trek will be tomorrow and I admit i haven't prepared so much on this. No physical exercise and a bit injured because of Pedicure massacre last Monday, lols. I'm trying to be optimistic though so here's the Original plan straight from PinayTravelista.

credit: skyscrapercity.com

ACTIVITY: Nature Hike: Spelunking and Swimming
DESTINATION: Hindang Waterfalls and Cave
LOCATION: Brgy. Hindang, Iligan City; 20km from city proper
ESTIMATED BUDGET: 200-300Php (Fare: City proper - Brgy. Kiwalan - Brgy. Hindang)
+Hiking shoes/Sandals - OMG where are those?
+Cotton Shirt & Leggings
+Backpack & Cap
+Cameras and other gadgets I guess - arggh
+Bottled Water
+Lunch; some extra food to munch on & keep me happy - my chocolates is a must, having a low sugar while on trek is a no no for me. hehe
+Extra Shirt/Shorts, Swimsuit ofcourse! -oh my... swimsuit haha oh yeah!
+Small Towel/Scarf
+Umbrella if it gets too hot
+Flashlight for spelunking - i guess i need to buy 1.
+Medicine/s - a must for me.
+Emergency Kit and other MUST bring stuff
Travel by road 15mins or so, and take the trail which supposedly is good for 2 hours on foot . Get to the cave first since it's furthest from the main highway. After we go through, some if not all, 6-8 cave clusters, we feed on our packed-lunch and make our way back to the trail and take the other forked road that leads to Hindang Waterfalls.

Alright so that's the plan. PinayTravelista's fear are narrow passages in the cave, you think i should worry too? hehe but xyzaspeaks said Live life with no Limits, and all I have to do now is believe that I can.  There's no harm in trying. Sometimes pushing yourself further makes you accomplish things you don't think you can at all. And besides that, Tourism and Local guides from Hindang will make sure we'll arrive in Hindang and arrive Home safe. 

Aja! - PurpleSlipperz


  1. Alright! So I made a big boo boo. I was so excited to trek that I couldn't sleep. It's already 3am in my clock yet I'm still awake. I texted the team that just in case I won't be able to text msg them before 7:30am then probably I am still in deep sleep and they can just go ahead without me. And it did happen. After 5 text msgs and 5 missed calls, I'm still asleep and woke up 9:43 am. Haist! Sorry guys!

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