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Madelicious Native Foods

Map Here:
It has been a favorite destination of the family when it comes to food trip. It's a semi-fine dining restaurant. The food are moderately priced, the restaurant is cool and the service crews are friendly
However if you'll compare it to other semi-fine dining restaurants like Cebu's Hukad (Golden Courie) it's still quiet far from it's ambiance, physical place and even service. But the good thing here is, management has been training there crews quiet well most specially when it comes to customer service.
My personal favorite dish that is being served here is their Sizzling Beef Brisket (Beef with Kangkong) and my all time favorite Calamares (Fried Squid with Batter) (even if I'm allergic).

Iligan's Best: Carlo Rafanan sings with David DiMuzio

He's singing talent is entirely new to me and for that past 3 or 4 years I have been hearing his name since He's my girlfriends' boyfriend. We haven't really met personally since our schedules won't meet (imagine for the past 3 years), busy bees indeed.

Video's of him with my dear friend has been posted all over Facebook and YouTube, indeed that's what a proud lover can do huh!

I haven't really paid attention that much as Raine ;friend of mine His Girlfriend (yes girl's taken na!)  loves posting videos of simply anything under the sun (though I check most of it, but not really all only those interest me the most! :)). Not until David DiMuzio also starts publishing videos of him and his friend Carlo.

Carlo is an Iliganon, who's currently working at a Contact Center in Makati and hangs out and jam with David DiMuzio and the Taglish band during weekends. He was said to be a shy type guy as how he is described by his friends. Keeping his talent for a…

Iligan City | Dodiongan Falls

It was Monday afternoon when PurpleSlipperz received a text message from PinayTravelista asking if we're up for a visit in Dodiongan Falls. Although there was a bit of hesitation, I said Yes any way.

I didn't even care to make some research as I am confident that PinayTravelista definitely know what she's doing eh? But I am very excited going there. It would be my very first time visiting Dodiongan Falls. Now if you'd try to Google or simply search Dodiongan Falls, there's really no good content about it yet. It's not that visited by tourists and even locals from Iligan. It's not as famous as the Maria Cristina Falls and Tinago Falls but it's as gorgeous.

So we met downtown to assemble. While traveling to Bonbonon I keep on laughing because the road is very familiar to me, and whoala there's the subdivision where I live. See? I didn't even know that Brgy Bonbonon ,where Dodiongan Falls is ,  is actually just few kilometers away from home.

As you c…

Iligan's Best: Sor Apao - 6 Time Champion at Talentadong Pinoy

Talentadong Pinoy's 6 time Champion

Iliganon's are invading the Entertainment World!

We are so proud of you.

Purple Slipperz is hoping for a close encounter with Sol Apao one of these days. We'll try to know her more as an Iliganon, and as a world class performer.

Go Iligan!

Go go go Iliganon!

- hope to roam around with you soon... PurpleSlipperz

Exploring Baguio City by Foot

I remember the day when I realized I badly need to  exercise. hehehe

Walked along the cold streets of Baguio. From Burnham Park to the Cathedral and then to our transient house. The cold weather in Baguio is a perfect place for an exercise. No wonder "Pacman" loves to work out in Baguio.  There are a lot of blogs already posted in Baguio. A lot of itineraries to choose. But I would love to make my own and discover on my own cheaper ways of Exploring Baguio.

Hmmm I wanna do this again. I may not have the same people with me, but I'd love to reminisce the cold streets of Baguio...alone.

I am a budding Solo backpacker and I really wish I can make my first step with me and The Purple Slippers. I'll try to reminisce those days when I was in Baguio and try to plot my experience in a blog post. To help my travel readers like you :) Til the next adventure - PurpleSlipperz

Reminiscing Boracay

I've been trying to account where I have been for the last 5 years that I have been trying to earn on my own. I happen to come a cross this old photos I had when I was in Boracay last December 6 to 8 2008. As you can see this photo was taken on our last day in Bora.

As I can remember we purchased a zero fare tickets from Cebu Pacific Air and the trip were just so in time for the 13th month pay so it was not really a budget trip but a luxurious one. We took the Caticlan Flight and from the airport we walk few steps going to the port and ride a motorized boat going to the island for Php 25.00 and an additional terminal fee of Php 50.00.
From the port of Boracay, we took a pedicab drive going to Station 2 where D-Mall is. When we arrived Station 2 we look for FatJimmy for our accommodation. We didn't book ahead since we were quite confident that we'd be able to avail cheap rates since it's Off-Peak Season. And we did get there biggest room for only 2000 pesos. Than…

La Trinidad: Strawberry Plantation

 This is an overdue post. Yeah I don't have a good alibi. But I was really too busy, too occupied or should I say too in love, to think about posting this at that time. Hmmmm that's quiet a nonsense alibi isn't it?

February 16, 2009 on our last day in Baguio, we grab few hours to feel the strawberry plantation of La Trinidad. It's a next town from Baguio City. These is where you can get good prices for strawberry jams and fresh strawberries. If you want to pick it on your own, the farm owners will let you. And then you'll pay for it and take it home. 

We took an FX Taxi and since we're 8 we just cheaped in for the fare. I can no longer remember how much was that though. That was 2 years ago.  

We only spent 45 minutes there since we're trying to catch the 10am bus for Manila. We were already in a rush when we reached Baguio. Good thing we were still able to catch the last 10am bus. wew... or else will miss our plane. Thanks to a responsible coll…

Midway White Beach Resort

It has been almost 10 years since my last visit at Midway White Beach Resort. While I was searching the Internet I found out that Midway White Beach Resort is a budding Aqua Sport Resort here in Northern Mindanao. Though I have seen some pictures about the new amenities, it's really different when you try them. While planning for the gathering, majority wanted a wet adventure gathering and so we topped Midway White Beach Resort as our best choice. And indeed, the right choice!
For only Php 1700.00 each minimum of 12 persons (fees may vary, please contact the Operations Manager for the right quote) you will already experience Borge's Aqua Sport Adventure. You will be able to test/try all the rides and most of all, Aircon accommodation , 3 meals (3 course + dessert) and 2 snacks  included. 
That's a great deal!
Here's a glimpse of what we had.
Midway Beach Resort

Midway White Beach Resort also caters for family gatherings, seminars and conferences. You can exper…

Hindang Falls: The trekk plan

I am a guilty dormant mountain climber, yeah dormant because I haven't climb for more than 7 years and I'm guilty of gaining too much weight. That's why when friends from Iligan Bloggers Society planned for a trek at Hindang cave and Hindang falls, I hesitated to join. But PinayTravelista challenged my egos and so I'm joining.
The trek will be tomorrow and I admit i haven't prepared so much on this. No physical exercise and a bit injured because of Pedicure massacre last Monday, lols. I'm trying to be optimistic though so here's the Original plan straight from PinayTravelista.

ACTIVITY: Nature Hike: Spelunking and Swimming DESTINATION: Hindang Waterfalls and Cave LOCATION: Brgy. Hindang, Iligan City; 20km from city proper ESTIMATED BUDGET: 200-300Php (Fare: City proper - Brgy. Kiwalan - Brgy. Hindang) WHAT TO WEAR: +Hiking shoes/Sandals - OMG where are those? +Cotton Shirt & Leggings +Backpack & Cap WHAT TO BRING: +Cameras and other gadgets I guess - arggh +Bot…

Panglao Island: Family Adventure

Last October of 2011. Contacted Kuya Dodong 2 days before our planned trip. We have been constantly communicating making sure everything will run smoothly. Since we checked in in Muro-ami he docked his boat near the Panglao Church. The plan was already perfect however n a last minute the family decided to transfer toAlona Beach, we have to wake up super earlier than expected and drove to Beach Rock Resortto leave the things there and check in, then rush to the port side so that we can still catch Dolphins. Good thing the my siblings move as fast as they can we were able to go as scheduled.
First stop: Dolphin Watching

Indeed we saw dolphins! A feeling that you can't simply explain, seeing the smiles and excitement in my siblings face, the moment is priceless.
Second stop: Balicasag Island

Activity: snorkeling They have fresh seafoods, chicken meat and pork for sale, and they can cook it for you for a very reasonable price. All you have to do then  is wait and relax. T…
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