Red Ribbon

Branch 1: Located inside Gaisano Mall Ground Floor. Next to Jollibee.

Branch 2: Located beside Elena Tower Inn Building, Tibanga Iligan City.

Price Range per meal: Php 145.00 -180.00 pesos

1. Heavy Meals
2. Pasta Meals
3. Cakes and Pastries
4. Coffee


This is my all time favorite. Open only during Mall hours. 

Franchized and Managed by: Alrose Group


  1. I have enjoyed Red Ribbon both in Tibanga and more recently The Mall. Nicely outfitted places, clean and good service. I've not yet had any actual meals there but those Cakes are a no compromise taste tantalizing delight ! As Red Ribbon is under the umbrella of Jollibee Foods Corp. There are Red Ribbon shops on the West Coast of the USA and one in Las Vegas that I visited. Jollibee and Red Ribbon are spreading some of modern day Filipino Culinary Culture to other parts of the world !


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